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Capitol: riot shaman to undergo psychological test in prison

Jacob Chansley, whose photos had toured the world on January 6, 2021, will be deemed fit or not to answer for his actions, according to Business Insider.

The individual was among the rioters who invaded the Capitol on January 6.  © WIN MCNAMEE / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP

LIs the “shaman of the Capitol” fit to be judged? Jacob Chansley, a QAnon conspirator, pictured  shirtless in horned shaman gear during the riot in Vice President Mike Pence’s office, was taken into custody in January following the assault. « Strong evidence, including Chansley’s own words and actions on Capitol Hill, shows that the purpose of the rioters on Capitol Hill was to capture and assassinate elected officials in the United States government, » prosecutors wrote at the time. They said Jacob Chansley, 33, left a note for Mike Pence on the Senate dais where the Deputy Speaker had stood a few minutes earlier, on which was written: “This is that a matter of time, justice arrives. 

According to the prosecution, the individual is a regular drug user probably suffering from mental problems. « Chansley has spoken openly about his belief that he is an alien, a higher entity, and that he is here on Earth to ascend to another reality, » the record reads. This is why, as Business Insider reports , the man nicknamed the “shaman” will undergo a test in his Colorado prison which will determine whether he is able to understand the charges against him, charges he has. always refuted.

Acts under Trump’s influence, his lawyer says

The review will determine whether Chansley « currently suffers from a mental illness or defect rendering him psychologically unfit, as he is unable to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him or to adequately attend his hearing. defense, ”explains the judge in charge of the case. His lawyer declares, for his part, that the individual is affected by autistic disorders, and believes that his client acted under the orders of Donald Trump that day. If the test concludes that Jacob Chansley is not psychologically fit, he could escape jail. Otherwise, he could still be taken care of in a prison hospital.

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Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama call on Americans to get vaccinated

The four former heads of state underline the importance of the vaccine, with personal anecdotes to support it. A big absentee: Donald Trump.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama,

Four former US presidents and one message: get vaccinated. In a video released on Thursday titled « It depends on you. » Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama stress the importance of the vaccine, supporting personal anecdotes.

« This vaccine is synonymous with hope », underlines Barack Obama in front of the camera. “They will protect you and protect those you love. « I want to go back to work and I want to be able to move, » says Bill Clinton.

George W. Bush says he is « impatient » to find « a full stadium » to cheer on his Texas Rangers baseball team. « To overcome this pandemic, it is important that our fellow citizens get vaccinated, » he insists.null

Two major absentees in this initiative which brings together all the ex-presidents still alive: Donald and Melania Trump. The latter were vaccinated in January, a few weeks before their departure from the White House. But the information was not revealed by their relatives until several weeks later.

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Investiture of Joe Biden: imminent departure of the White House for Donald Trump

INVESTITURE – D-Day for Joe Biden: the new American president is sworn in this Wednesday, January 20 at noon local time . Donald Trump, whose departure is imminent, has granted his presidential pardon to 73 people before leaving the White House. 


The future ex-tenant of the Oval Office has already packed his bags and will leave the White House at 8 am aboard the presidential helicopter. Head to Andrews Air Force Base, where a military ceremony awaits him. Donald Trump will then travel for the last time aboard Air Force 1. He is due to land in Florida  when the new president-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in at the foot of the Capitol. The Republican billionaire will return to his residence in Mar-a-Lago, where a moving truck was seen last Monday.

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On Biden’s inauguration day, Trump would still like to take advantage of Air Force One

On January 20, an hour before Joe Biden’s inauguration, Donald Trump is due to fly to Florida aboard the presidential plane.

Illustrative photo of Donald Trump boarding Air Force One in Florida on December 31, 2020. 

UNITED STATES – Until the end, he intends to take advantage of the advantages of the presidency. Donald Trump, who will not attend Joe Biden’s nomination on Wednesday, January 20, is expected to use presidential Air Force One an hour before his successor’s swearing-in to fly to Florida. 

According to CBS , Donald Trump is expected to land in West Palm Beach, Florida at 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, an hour before he is officially President of the United States. 

The Bloomberg site also mentions a final departure ceremony at 8 a.m. on the Andrews military base in Maryland, where the two planes used by the presidency are stationed. Invitations were reportedly sent to a few « supporters, including former members of his administration, » Bloomberg reports. No details on the content of this ceremony have filtered.

Traditionally, former presidents leave the White House on their own. 

The White House has not confirmed the information, which does not appear in the schedule – laconic for more than a week – of the Republican. On condition of anonymity, an official source told CBS that “this could always change”.  

At 12 noon (Washington time), Donald Trump will be officially stripped of his title of “commander-in-chief of the armies” and will therefore no longer have access to the presidential planes.

Trump, the great absentee of the last few days

Officially a resident of Florida, Donald Trump will undoubtedly spend a few days in his hotel in Mar-a-Lago. The roads leading to the establishment will also be closed on January 20 and for several days. “Beyond that, we do not envisage any closures linked to the presence of a former president,” said local police.

and then? Difficult to say, since the speeches of Donald Trump – deprived of his favorite communication platforms – have become extremely rare. But the idea of a candidacy in 2024 is gaining ground – on condition, however, that the second impeachment procedure launched against him ends in failure. 

Meanwhile, in a White House that is gradually emptying, Vice President Mike Pence appears every day a little more like the man in charge.

On Thursday, he congratulated the future vice-president Kamala Harris by phone, a source familiar with the matter told AFP on Friday. It was their first exchange since their fall debate in the heart of the campaign. He also planned to participate in the inauguration ceremony, like former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. 

Source: HuffPost with AFP

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Supreme Court sinks Donald Trump’s last hopes

The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the postal vote in Pennsylvania

In one concise sentence, the United States Supreme Court refused to interfere with the results of the American presidential election . On Tuesday, the highest US court dismissed an appeal by Republicans in Pennsylvania , who sought to block certification of results and reject more than 2 million mail ballots . Even if Donald Trump’s challenges are not over, his chances of overturning the verdict of the ballot box are now zero.

“The application for an injunction presented by Judge Alito and referred by him to the Court is dismissed,” wrote the Court, without further explanation. The opinion, in 19 words, and the absence of a dissenting opinion (« public dissent ») mean, however, that there was no real suspense, despite the presence of three judges appointed by Donald Trump out of nine.

Texas Remedies

In court, Donald Trump and his allies are in total 50 defeats for a single victory. On Tuesday, Texas went directly to the United States Supreme Court to file a complaint against four states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin), arguing that the changes they had adopted to facilitate postal voting were unconstitutional.

But according to many legal experts , Texas’ claim is no better off. Each state has in fact a great deal of latitude to organize the modalities of the ballot, and it is up to the local judicial systems to decide. If the Supreme Court refused to intervene for Pennsylvania, it should logically oppose the same objection to the Texas appeal, especially after the expiration of the « safe harbor » (the deadline for resolving all appeals) this Tuesday at midnight. Now, according to a 19th century law, states can no longer change the list of grand voters who will vote in the electoral college on December 14.

These serial setbacks, however, do not mean the end of Donald Trump’s efforts: Republican elected officials loyal to the US president announced their intention to challenge the validity of the large voters in several states during the vote in Congress on January 6. Minority in the House, however, they have no chance of success, and it is Joe Biden who will be sworn in on January 20.

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Donald Trump will not attend the handover on January 20

Donald Trump adds more every day in the denial of his defeat to Joe Biden. He continues to claim that the victory was stolen from him. According to those around him, he might not participate in the handover in January.

He violates the American tradition

It is the tradition , even if nothing is written about it in the American Constitution: the outgoing President and the incoming President participate in the induction ceremony in January in Washington. The two presidents meet to « pass on the files » and the outgoing family leaves the White House the same day, while the family of the newly elected President takes possession of the premises after taking the oath.

This ceremony, watched by millions of spectators in Washington, and by millions of viewers around the world, always proceeds in good harmony, no matter how much enmity between the two men. But Donald Trump decided otherwise.  He would be thinking about not only not participating in the ceremony, but to organize a parallel event, in a way a counter-party.

Donald Trump does not plan to receive Joe Biden, or even to call him. As a reminder, the American tradition is that the unsuccessful candidate for an election calls the winner as soon as the results are confirmed, in order to recognize his defeat. Donald Trump of course did not.  

He is preparing for the 2024 presidential election

Three people from his entourage and several media, starting with  The Daily Beast ,  Donald Trump would be in the middle of discussions to announce his candidacy in 2024  during this event organized on the day of the handover on January 20, all these sources have confirmed this information to the press, while affirming that he could announce his candidacy earlier.

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Donald Trump n’assistera pas à la passation de pouvoirs le 20 janvier

Donald Trump en rajoute chaque jour dans le déni de sa défaite face à Joe Biden. Il continue d’affirmer que la victoire lui a été volée. Selon son entourage, il pourrait ne pas participer à la passation de pouvoirs en janvier.

Il viole la tradition Americaine

C’est la tradition, même si rien n’est écrit à ce sujet dans la Constitution américaine : le Président sortant et le Président entrant participent à la cérémonie d’intronisation en janvier à Washington. Les deux présidents se rencontrent pour « se transmettre les dossiers » et la famille sortante quitte la Maison Blanche le jour même, alors que la famille du Président fraichement élu prend possession des lieux après avoir prêté serment.

Cette cérémonie, suivie par des millions de spectateurs à Washington, et par des des millions de téléspectateurs dans le monde entier, se déroule toujours en bonne intelligence, quel que soit le degré d’inimitié entre les deux hommes. Mais Donald Trump en a décidé autrement. Il serait en cours de réflexion pour non seulement ne pas participer à la cérémonie, mais pour organiser un évènement en parallèle, en quelque sorte une contre-fête.

Donald Trump ne prévoit pas de recevoir Joe Biden, ni même de l’appeler. Pour rappel, la tradition américaine veut que le candidat malheureux à une élection appelle le vainqueur dès que les résultats sont confirmés, afin de reconnaitre sa défaite. Donald Trump bien entendu ne l’a pas fait.  

Il se prépare pour la présidentielle de 2024

Trois personnes de son entourage et plusieurs médias, à commencer par The Daily BeastDonald Trump serait en pleines discussions pour annoncer sa candidature en 2024 lors de cet évènement organisé le jour de la passation de pouvoirs le 20 janvier, toutes ces sources ont confirmé cette information à la presse, tout en affirmant qu’il pourrait annoncer sa candidature plus tôt.

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A week after the announcement by several American media of the victory of Joe Baden and Donald Trump refuses to recognize his defeat. This Sunday Trump admitted that his Democratic opponent « had won » but « because the election was rigged ».

on Twitter, Donald Trump denounced the absence of « spectators or authorized observers » during the counting of the ballots, organized, according to him, by « a private company of the radical left of bad reputation with equipment which does not has not even been approved in Texas ”. A state that the American president considers to have « largely won ».

During a speech from the White House on the advances of the vaccine against the Covid-19 and the management of the epidemic this Friday, the American president had declared:  »  I think that time will tell us which administration we will have, but what that happens in the future, who knows, I can tell you that this administration will not impose containment .

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Une semaine après l’annonce par plusieurs médias américains de la victoire de Joe Baden et Donald Trump refuse de reconnaître sa défaite .ce dimanche Trump a admis que son adversaire démocrate « avait gagné » mais « parce que l’élection a été truquée ».

sur Twitter, Donald Trump a dénoncé l’absence de « spectateurs ou d’observateurs autorisés » lors du dépouillement des bulletins de vote, organisé, selon lui, par « une société privée de la gauche radicale de mauvaise réputation avec un équipement qui n’a même pas été approuvé au Texas ». Un Etat que le président américain estime avoir « remporté largement ».

Lors d’une allocution depuis la Maison Blanche sur les avancées du vaccin contre le Covid-19 et la gestion de l’épidémie ce vendredi, le président américain avait déclaré: « Je pense que le temps nous dira quelle administration nous aurons, mais quoi qu’il se passe à l’avenir, qui sait, je peux vous dire que cette administration n’imposera pas de confinement« .

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Historic number of votes for Biden and Trump

The 2020 election, which saw Joe Biden’s victory, is one of all records for the United States: both in number of votes and in turnout.

The total vote count for the US presidential election was not yet finished, Monday, November 9, but in more ways than one, this ballot, won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden, is one of records. With a historically high turnout, the number of votes cast by the two candidates has never been higher. Even outgoing President Donald Trump in 2020 surpassed the record held in 2008 by Barack Obama, who won 69.5 million votes.

Joe Biden, gathered 75.6 million votes against 71.0 million for Republican Donald Trump. Of 239.2 million people eligible to vote, between 149.1 million and 165 million voted. That is to say a participation rate between 62.3% and 69%.

In the 2016 presidential election, the turnout was 59.2%. It was already the highest since 1960 and the election between John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Richard Nixon (with 62.8%). In US history, the 1908 election – which saw the election of Republican William Taft – had the highest turnout at 65.7%.