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Since 1982, the former player of the France team, Jean-Pierre Adams, was in a deep coma, following a failed operation.

Jean-Pierre Adams, who passed through Olympic Nîmes (1970-73), OGC Nice (1973-77) and PSG (1977-79), is no more. « Jean-Pierre Adams left this morning at the University Hospital of Nîmes, » announces Jacques Vendroux, who had written a letter to Bernadette Adams, wife of Jean-Pierre Adams, in the midst of the Vincent Lambert affair two years ago.

Victim of a medical error during anesthesia, Jean-Pierre Adams fell into a deep coma 39 years ago, in 1982, after a benign knee operation. Prisoner of his vegetative state for all these years, the former French international (22 selections), born in Dakar, Senegal, left us for good this Monday, September 6 at the age of 73.

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Cannabis cultivation began in China 12,000 years ago, study finds

According to a new genetic study published in the journal Science Advances , cannabis cultivation began in northwest China 12,000 years ago. An international team of researchers has traced the long history of human-weed relationships, and successfully demonstrated that cannabis was first cultivated by Chinese farmers, CNN reported on July 16.

The team, led by University of Lausanne biologist Luca Fumagalli, collected genomic data from 110 separate cannabis samples found across the world. These were both wild and cultivated plants, used to make industrial hemp, medical marijuana, and recreational cannabis, which share strong genetic ties. Thanks to this vast reservoir of genetic data, the team was able to identify the date and origin of human cultivation of cannabis.

“ We show that C. sativa [cannabis sativa] was first cultivated in the early Neolithic in East Asia, and that all current cultivars of hemp have diverged from an ancestral gene pool currently represented by plants. wild and landraces in China, ”the scientists write in the article.

Over the centuries of cultivation, two types of cannabis have emerged: hemp plants that are high in fiber but low in THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) and plants with a high THC concentration. This new study also shows that, despite their differences in composition, all of these varieties of marijuana share a single common ancestor, which has gradually spread throughout the world.

Source: CNN, Science AdvancesSponsored

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Twitter founder’s first tweet is for sale

The highest bid is $ 2.5 million, a sign of appetite for these new blockchain-authenticated virtual collectibles.Article written by

The Twitter logo on a smartphone screen, January 9, 2021 in Paris.  (XOSE BOUZAS / HANS LUCAS / AFP)
The Twitter logo on a smartphone screen, January 9, 2021 in Paris. (XOSE BOUZAS / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

A remnant of the internet is for sale. On March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey tweeted: « I created my Twttr account » . Almost fifteen years later, the Twitter boss auctioned off his very first tweet. On Friday March 5, he tweeted a link to the Valuables site, where collectors of digital antiques can bid.

Buying a tweet means acquiring « a digital certificate of the tweet, unique because it was signed and verified by the creator, » like an autograph, the tweet auction site says on its question-and-answer page. The creator of the tweet decides if he wants to issue it on blockchain, the core technology of cryptocurrencies, to create a uniquely authenticated version, the company explains. This tweet becomes an « NFT » (« non-fungible token »), or non-fungible token: a virtual object with indisputable and inviolable identity, authenticity and traceability in theory, thanks to the blockchain. The tweet itself remains visible to everyone, as long as Jack Dorsey or Twitter leaves it online.

One-upmanship among blockchain bosses

In a sign of appetite for these new virtual collectibles, the highest bid for Jack Dorsey’s tweet was $ 2.5 million on Saturday. It was made by Sina Estavi, the boss of Bridge Oracle and Cryptoland, which exploit this blockchain technology  . He outbid the offer of  Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, a blockchain platform, and the boss of the streaming platform BitTorrent. The « NFT » have been all the rage among collectors for a few months, to the point that the Christie’s house auctioned, at the end of February, for the first time, an entirely digital work sold thanks to this technology.

Source: franceinfo with AFP

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Barack Obama scores 3 points in basketball, urges people to vote

  • “Go vote and bring two other people with you. It’s like putting a three-point shot for democracy ”said the former President of the United States 

While accompanying Joe Biden on a meeting in Michigan, Barack Obama was filmed shooting 3 points in a gym. The former president of the United States took over this video that went viral to encourage people to vote

Behind the scenes of this meeting, an original scene was captured and then relayed by Joe Biden’s electoral team. We see the former President of the United States, in formal attire in a gymnasium, advancing towards the three-point line of a basketball court. He is sent a ball that he receives before landing a dribble and then drawing a shot from the  corner  (the area near the end line) with a precision worthy of the best  shooters  in the NBA

After this stroke of brilliance, he left the room to the acclaim of Joe Biden and the other people present. A video that immediately ignited social networks, so much so that Barack « Jordan » Obama himself relayed it on his Instagram account, incorporating a political message. “Go vote and bring two other people with you. It’s like putting a three-point shot for democracy, ”he wrote, two days before the long-awaited election.

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In Italy, a Labrador gives birth to … a green puppy

The phenomenon is rare but natural. While waiting to see the color fade, the puppy was named « Pistachio ».

A n original birth to say the least. On October 9, two farmers from Sardinia in Italy discover their female Labrador in full labor. One, two, three She ends up giving birth to five puppies. But surprise, one of them is … green!

« It looked like an extraterrestrial Italian). dog », tell the two men to the local newspaper Nuova Sardegna


Intrigued, the two farmers do research and discover that this phenomenon does exist. It is caused by biliverdin, a green substance in bile that can mix with amniotic fluid during childbirth. It’s rare, but natural and not isolated.

There were also some precedents. In 2012, a little green Labrador was born in England, just like in Spain in 2014. The color should fade over time. Until then, « Pistache » is doing wonderfully.

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USA: almost 6-meter-long python captured in Florida

The animal, which is 5.71 meters long and weighs 47 kilograms, was captured 60 km west of Miami.

A giant python (illustration)

It is an unusual discovery that two American hunters have had to deal with. A 5.71-meter-long Burmese python has been captured in Florida, a record for this American state where reptiles of all kinds abound, local authorities said.

The animal, whose species is among  the largest snakes in the world , weighed 47 kg on the scale , said the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the body responsible in Florida for the protection of fauna and flora, Thursday 8 October. The specimen was captured 60 km west of Miami by Ryan Ausburn and Kevin Pavlidis, two hunters who posed with their trophy for a photo.

The Burmese python is considered in Florida as an invasive species , brought back from Southeast Asia at the end of the last century. These snakes have found a perfect ecosystem to breed in the Everglades, a large subtropical wetland in the southern peninsula , including a habitat-protected national park.

Source : AFP

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Woman missing for two years was found alive in the middle of the ocean

Woman missing for two years was found alive in the middle of the ocean
Ocean photo – Credit: Ant Rozetsky / Unsplash

Fishermen carried out a rescue unlike any other in northern Colombia, off Puerto Colombia. At first, they thought it was just a floating log, until that « log » waved. As they got closer, they discovered it was a woman in distress . They threw a lifeline at her and hoisted her onto their boat, but she was in such a state of shock that she couldn’t speak. The 40-year-old was only able to share her sad and dark story once she arrived at the hospital.

This lifeline purifies water

The Colombian was abused for twenty years before deciding to end her life

The 46-year-old Colombian is called Angelica Gaitan. She had been missing for two years and her relatives had not heard from her during that time. No, she obviously didn’t spend two years in the middle of the ocean. Although she was found by fishermen, this woman was not on board a ship which sank.

As Mirror reported , Angelica Gaitan lived in an abusive and violent relationship for twenty years . She explained that her partner beat her badly during her first pregnancy. The domestic violence continued during her second pregnancy, but she said she could not leave because her daughters were small. She reported him to the police on multiple occasions, but  »  the police kept him for 24 hours, and he started to be violent again when he came home  . »

Eventually, she decided to flee in September 2018 because she thought her partner would end up killing her. After living on the streets for several months , she was taken in to a homeless shelter. Nonetheless, she explained that she wanted to end her life . Angelica Gaitan therefore took a bus to the sea and let herself be carried away by the waves, hoping to die. She would have floated for eight hours before being rescued by the fishermen. However, one of Angelica Gaitan’s daughters has been found, but she denies the facts. According to her, her mother was never beaten and had no suicidal behavior. In any case, Angelica Gaitan is a miracle. Hopefully, she receives the necessary care and an investigation determines what exactly happened.

Source: BGR

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China: Teacher sentenced to death for poisoning 25 students

The teacher was found guilty of putting sodium nitrite in a porridge served to the students of one of her colleagues.

Chinese teacher has been sentenced to death for poisoning some 25 kindergarten students, one of whom was killed, justice announced Tuesday (September 29). Jiaozuo City Intermediate Court, Central Henan Province, Found Wang Yun Guilty of Putting Sodium Nitrite in Porridge in March 2019 to Students of a Colleague She Was Seeking Revenge .

She knew the toxicity of the product

Sodium nitrite is a chemical used in particular for preserving meat, but which can be toxic in high doses. According to the court, the teacher knew that the product was harmful but nevertheless decided to poison the children « without worrying about the consequences » . According to justice, the teacher also tried to poison her husband in 2017.

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Why is Neptune blue?

Voyager 2 took this photo of Neptune a few days before its approach, scheduled for August 25, 1989. We see in particular the Great Dark Spot, a gigantic storm. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Of all the planets in the Solar System, Neptune is the most distant. It is also the most “peaceful”, at least in appearance. And for good reason, this “ice giant” is coated with a bluish atmosphere. But why such a color?

Positioned about 4.5 billion kilometers from the Sun, Neptune is the only planet invisible to the naked eye. It was thus discovered by deduction in 1846 by Johann Galle, on the predictions of the French astronomer Alexis Bouvard. The latter had indeed noted unexplained gravitational disturbances in the orbit of Uranus . Mathematical calculations signed by the astronomer Urbain Le Verrier had also made it possible to locate the planet.

However, at the time, no one had a clue what Neptune looked like. The planet, which is  58 times the size of Earth and about 17 times more massive , was first visited in  1989  by NASA’s Voyager 2 probe,   which now flies through interstellar space. During its flight, the vessel had then captured several photos of the giant, finally revealing its oceanic hue to us for the first time. Indeed, seen through a telescope, the eighth planet of the Solar System appears to us an azure blue.

Blame it on methane

To explain this apparent color, we need to look at its atmosphere, which is mainly composed of three gases: hydrogen (80%), helium (19%) and methane (1%).

Neptune’s clouds are also known to vary with altitude, just like on Earth. At more than 4.5 billion kilometers from the Sun, the planet’s methane condenses in the highest layers of the atmosphere due to freezing temperatures.

Despite the fact that it only represents a relatively small proportion of Neptune’s atmosphere, this gas absorbs wavelengths of red greater than 600 nm, thereby reflecting a “cooler” tint. He is therefore the main responsible for the color displayed by Neptune.

However, Neptune’s Azure appearance can only be explained by this gas. This is because the atmospheric methane content of the planet is similar to that of Uranus. However, these two worlds do not reflect the same colors: Uranus displays a color closer to aquamarine. Thus, other chemical species present in the atmosphere of Neptune are also at the origin of its particular color. However, they have not yet been identified.

Soon a new mission to Neptune?

A few years ago, NASA mentioned its intention to send an orbiter and an atmospheric probe to Neptune and Uranus by 2030. The idea would be to study how precisely these two giants were formed. This type of analysis could allow astronomers to learn more about the thousands of exoplanets  recorded to date, most of which are the size of Neptune.

Note that for now, these are just ideas on the table. In addition, there is also  talk  of sending a  probe to Triton , its main moon. If approved (we’ll find out next year), this mission could be launched in October 2025 and finally arrive there in 2038.

Source: science post

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Donald Trump accused of sexual assault by former model amy dorris

Amy Dorris alleges Trump forced his tongue down her throat and groped her at 1997 US Open

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