Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal

One of the Signal users is Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook. The billionaire’s phone number was indeed discovered in a huge data breach at Facebook. After entering the number into the Signal app, a computer security expert realized that Zuckerberg was well listed among rival messaging users of WhatsApp and Messenger.  A few days ago,Lire la suite « Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal »

A Child Takes Nuclear Weapons Command Twitter

A mysterious encrypted message appeared on the US Army Strategic Command’s Twitter account on Sunday, March 28. Conspiracy, nuclear code exposed or hacking? None of this in reality. « ; l ;; gmlxzssaw, » Here is the mysterious message that Internet users could read on the official Twitter account of the command in charge of the military control of theLire la suite « A Child Takes Nuclear Weapons Command Twitter »

Donald Trump will return to social networks … by creating his own platform

The former US president was banned from Twitter in January after his supporters stormed the Capitol The story does not say, at this time, whether messages will only appear in capital letters. Banned from Twitter since January, Donald Trump will return to social networks within two to three months « with his own platform, » said an adviser to the former presidentLire la suite « Donald Trump will return to social networks … by creating his own platform »

Twitter founder’s first tweet is for sale

The highest bid is $ 2.5 million, a sign of appetite for these new blockchain-authenticated virtual collectibles.Article written by A remnant of the internet is for sale. On March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey tweeted: « I created my Twttr account » . Almost fifteen years later, the Twitter boss auctioned off his very first tweet. On Friday March 5, he tweeted a link to the Valuables site,Lire la suite « Twitter founder’s first tweet is for sale »

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