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Donald Trump’s social network is already hacked!

Even before its launch, Trump was forced to shut down access to his social network  Truth Social . Internet users managed to register in his name and published a shower of insults as well as the same distasteful tweet  »  Pig Poop Balls   » dating from 2011.

What do we do when we can no longer access social networks? We throw his! After being banned from Twitter , Facebook and YouTube , Donald Trump announced his own site on Wednesday. Dubbed « Social Truth », it is part of a new Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) created to fight the  »  liberal media consortium   » and  »  resist the tyranny of the web giants  . »

In a few hours, Internet users, some of whom claim to be part of the Anonymous movement , had already discovered the address of the site when it was not yet officially launched. They then succeeded in creating accounts in the names of the former US president and several other personalities such as Steve Bannon (his former adviser), Mike Pence (his former vice-president), Ron Watkins (member of QAnon) or even the P .-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey .

Troll festival and licensing issues

These fake accounts were then used to troll personalities and the site, between insults, conspiracy theories and images of a pig defecating on his testicles . The administrators first closed the creation of new accounts before having to disconnect the entire platform.

Others immediately realized that the site was a modified version of Mastodon, free software . The AGPLv3 license requires anyone who uses it to share their code and clearly display the license on the site. Of course, this was not done with Truth Social. The creator of Mastodon, Eugen Rochko, told the  Talking Points Memo site that he plans to find out about possible legal remedies. As expected, Trump’s site is off to a rocky start even before its launch …

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Major General Chris Donahue, the last American soldier to leave Afghan soil

Major General Chris Donahue, the last American soldier to leave Afghan soil, at Hamid-Karzai International Airport in Kabul on August 30, 2021.
Major General Chris Donahue, the last American soldier to leave Afghan soil, at Hamid-Karzai International Airport in Kabul, August 30, 2021. US ARMY / REUTERS

After twenty years of military presence and five months of wandering the Biden administration, the last American soldiers have left Kabul

Promised by the new president upon his arrival at the White House, the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan was concluded on Monday, August 30, in an atmosphere of debacle and excitement.

The photo is blurry, taken at night, with greenish tones. It distinguishes Major General Chris Donahue, commander of the 82 th  Airborne Division, setting foot aboard a cargo plane C-17 end of the runway at the international airport Hamid-Karzai in Kabul. Chris Donahue makes history. He is the last American soldier to leave Afghan soil.

There are no more US military forces in Afghanistan. The announcement was made late in the afternoon in Washington, Monday, August 30, by General Kenneth McKenzie , head of the central command. Either twenty-four hours before the planned deadline with the Taliban.

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Donald Trump demolishes The American Team After The olympic games

Yellow hair against purple hair

Following the bronze medal won by the Americans on Thursday , Donald Trump, former President of the United States, saw fit to give his opinion on the medalist group: « If our football team, led by a radical group of crazy left, was not « woke », they would have won the gold instead of the bronze. « 

But Trump didn’t stop there, he went on to attack Megan Rapinoe, who aside from her major role in the Yanks collective , is also a figure in the struggle for LGBT + rights and a staunch opponent of Trump. « The woman with purple hair played very badly and spends too much time thinking about the radical left politics and not doing his job, » said the 45 th US president.

Source : SO FOOT

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Capitol: riot shaman to undergo psychological test in prison

Jacob Chansley, whose photos had toured the world on January 6, 2021, will be deemed fit or not to answer for his actions, according to Business Insider.

The individual was among the rioters who invaded the Capitol on January 6.  © WIN MCNAMEE / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP

LIs the “shaman of the Capitol” fit to be judged? Jacob Chansley, a QAnon conspirator, pictured  shirtless in horned shaman gear during the riot in Vice President Mike Pence’s office, was taken into custody in January following the assault. « Strong evidence, including Chansley’s own words and actions on Capitol Hill, shows that the purpose of the rioters on Capitol Hill was to capture and assassinate elected officials in the United States government, » prosecutors wrote at the time. They said Jacob Chansley, 33, left a note for Mike Pence on the Senate dais where the Deputy Speaker had stood a few minutes earlier, on which was written: “This is that a matter of time, justice arrives. 

According to the prosecution, the individual is a regular drug user probably suffering from mental problems. « Chansley has spoken openly about his belief that he is an alien, a higher entity, and that he is here on Earth to ascend to another reality, » the record reads. This is why, as Business Insider reports , the man nicknamed the “shaman” will undergo a test in his Colorado prison which will determine whether he is able to understand the charges against him, charges he has. always refuted.

Acts under Trump’s influence, his lawyer says

The review will determine whether Chansley « currently suffers from a mental illness or defect rendering him psychologically unfit, as he is unable to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him or to adequately attend his hearing. defense, ”explains the judge in charge of the case. His lawyer declares, for his part, that the individual is affected by autistic disorders, and believes that his client acted under the orders of Donald Trump that day. If the test concludes that Jacob Chansley is not psychologically fit, he could escape jail. Otherwise, he could still be taken care of in a prison hospital.

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Donald Trump will return to social networks … by creating his own platform

Donald Trump will return to social networks within two to three months with his own platform

The former US president was banned from Twitter in January after his supporters stormed the Capitol

The story does not say, at this time, whether messages will only appear in capital letters. Banned from Twitter since January, Donald Trump will return to social networks within two to three months « with his own platform, » said an adviser to the former president of the United States on Sunday.

« I think we will see President Trump back on social networks in two or three months, » said Jason Miller on the Fox News channel, without providing further details on the contours of this « platform », referring only to many meetings at Mar-a-Lago, the Republican billionaire’s Florida home.

@realDonaldTrump and its 88 million subscribers

“It’s not just a company that approached the president, there are a lot of companies,” and “this new platform will be something big, everyone wants it. It will bring millions and millions, tens of millions of subscribers to this new platform, ”he added.

The ex-president, who left the White House on January 20 after being defeated by Democrat Joe Biden in the November election, has also been temporarily or permanently banned by most other major social networks or platforms internet including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Snapchat.

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Donald Trump: the vertiginous fall of his fortune during his mandate

The former US president would have lost between 700 million and 2.3 billion dollars during his mandate, according to a study relayed by the BBC.

The former US president would have lost between 700 million and 2.3 billion dollars during his mandate

Donald Trump’s fortune melted like snow in the sun during his four years in the White House. According to the latest update of the Bloomberg Billionaires index, a ranking of the world’s largest fortunes, relayed by the BBC , the former US president would have lost between 700 million and 2.3 billion dollars during his mandate. This abysmal fall in wealth has been greatly amplified by the coronavirus crisis.

Indeed, since the start of  the Covid-19 pandemic , a large majority of office buildings, branded hotels and other hotel complexes owned by Donald Trump, which represent approximately 75% of his fortune, have lost income and their assets. value. This observation is the same for the fleet of planes and the nineteen  golf courses of the Republican billionaire . According to the various documents analyzed by Bloomberg Billionaires from May 2016 to January 2021, the valuation of the main real estate and commercial assets of the former head of state fell by 26%.

Memoirs on his presidency to replenish the coffers?

To breathe new life into his fortune, Donald Trump could use his past as a former president in order to sign lucrative media deals, such as the drafting of post-presidential memoirs, which could make him recover some of his heavy losses. economic. As proof, the BBC recalls that Barack and Michelle Obama were paid around $ 65 million for their Memoirs, while Bill Clinton won an advance of $ 15 million for his book published in 2004.

The prospect could catch the eye of the former US president as Deutsche Bank, which was the only bank to agree to lend him money after its bankruptcy in the 1990s, said after the riots of the Capitol , that she would no longer do business with him. With the support of his 74 million voters in the November 2020 US presidential election and due to his ban from Twitter and Facebook , the billionaire could also be tempted to create a news channel or social media platform, such as have suggested this to several American media in recent weeks.

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Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama call on Americans to get vaccinated

The four former heads of state underline the importance of the vaccine, with personal anecdotes to support it. A big absentee: Donald Trump.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama,

Four former US presidents and one message: get vaccinated. In a video released on Thursday titled « It depends on you. » Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama stress the importance of the vaccine, supporting personal anecdotes.

« This vaccine is synonymous with hope », underlines Barack Obama in front of the camera. “They will protect you and protect those you love. « I want to go back to work and I want to be able to move, » says Bill Clinton.

George W. Bush says he is « impatient » to find « a full stadium » to cheer on his Texas Rangers baseball team. « To overcome this pandemic, it is important that our fellow citizens get vaccinated, » he insists.null

Two major absentees in this initiative which brings together all the ex-presidents still alive: Donald and Melania Trump. The latter were vaccinated in January, a few weeks before their departure from the White House. But the information was not revealed by their relatives until several weeks later.

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United States: Joe Biden’s tenure begins with popularity Trump has never seen

the new president of the United States enjoys a popularity rating that his predecessor Donald Trump never achieved

Eight days after  entering the White House , the new President of the United States enjoys a popularity rating that his predecessor Donald Trump has never achieved in four years in office, according to a poll released Wednesday by the University of Monmouth.

The survey indicates that the 46th Democratic president drains 54% of favorable opinions in the country, against 30% of dissatisfied and 16% of undecided, a rate « higher than at any time of the mandate of Donald Trump “, According to this survey conducted between January 21 and 24 on 809 people questioned.

A Gallup Institute survey shortly before the inauguration noted that the Republican left the White House with only 34% favorable opinions, a historic low, after starting his presidency with 45% satisfied and reaching 49% early 2020.

More kindness for Joe Biden

Other polls indicate that Joe Biden enjoyed good popularity in the early days of his mandate: 56% for Morning Consult, 63% for Hill-HarrisX.

But Monmouth, like other surveys, points out that the president’s supporters and opponents are deeply divided based on their political views. He enjoys a 90% approval rating among Democrats, compared to just 15% of Republicans and 47% of Independents.

« Generally speaking, there seems to be more benevolence for Joe Biden than there was for Donald Trump but she really follows partisan lines as more people currently identify as Democrats than Republicans » , explained the director of the University’s polling institute, Patrick Murray.

Donald Trump was the first president not to have a “honeymoon” with Americans at the start of his term, according to, with an average popularity of 41.4% over the first six months in office, far from Barack Obama (60%) or George W. Bush (53.9%) in their first half year in office.

Source: Le monde

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États unis : Le mandat de Joe Biden débute avec une popularité que Trump n’a jamais connu

le nouveau président  des États-Unis bénéficie d’une cote de popularité que n’a jamais atteinte son prédécesseur Donald Trump

Huit jours après son entrée à la Maison Blanche, le nouveau président  des États-Unis bénéficie d’une cote de popularité que n’a jamais atteinte son prédécesseur Donald Trump en quatre ans de mandat, selon un sondage à publié mercredi par l’Université de Monmouth.

L’enquête indique que le 46e président démocrate draine 54% d’opinions favorables dans le pays, contre 30% de mécontents et 16% d’indécis, un taux « plus important qu’à n’importe quel moment du mandat de Donald Trump », selon ce sondage conduit entre le 21 et le 24 janvier sur 809 personnes interrogées.

Une enquête de l’institut Gallup peu avant l’investiture avait noté que le républicain quittait la Maison Blanche avec seulement 34% d’opinions favorables, un plus bas historique, après avoir démarré sa présidence avec 45% de satisfaits et avoir atteint 49% début 2020.

Plus de bienveillance pour Joe Biden

D’autres sondages indiquent que Joe Biden bénéficie d’une bonne popularité aux premiers jours de son mandat: 56% pour Morning Consult, 63% pour Hill-HarrisX.

Mais Monmouth, comme d’autres enquêtes, souligne que partisans et opposants du président sont profondément divisés en fonction de leurs opinions politiques. Il bénéficie d’un taux d’approbation de 90% chez les démocrates, contre seulement 15% des républicains et 47% des indépendants.

« D’une manière générale, il semble y avoir plus de bienveillance pour Joe Biden qu’il n’y en avait pour Donald Trump mais elle suit vraiment les lignes partisanes alors que plus de gens s’identifient actuellement comme démocrates que comme républicains », a expliqué le directeur de l’institut de sondage de l’Université, Patrick Murray.

Selon le site, Donald Trump a été le premier président à ne pas connaître de « lune de miel » avec les Américains au début de son mandat, avec une popularité moyenne de 41,4% sur les six premiers mois au pouvoir, loin de Barack Obama (60%) ou George W. Bush (53,9%) sur leur première demi-année dans leurs fonctions.

Source : le monde

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Investiture of Joe Biden: imminent departure of the White House for Donald Trump

INVESTITURE – D-Day for Joe Biden: the new American president is sworn in this Wednesday, January 20 at noon local time . Donald Trump, whose departure is imminent, has granted his presidential pardon to 73 people before leaving the White House. 


The future ex-tenant of the Oval Office has already packed his bags and will leave the White House at 8 am aboard the presidential helicopter. Head to Andrews Air Force Base, where a military ceremony awaits him. Donald Trump will then travel for the last time aboard Air Force 1. He is due to land in Florida  when the new president-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in at the foot of the Capitol. The Republican billionaire will return to his residence in Mar-a-Lago, where a moving truck was seen last Monday.