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The bomb, Lionel Messi and Barça, it’s over

Earthquake in Spain, and particularly in Catalonia, Lionel Messi has communicated to FC Barcelona his intention to leave the club this summer.

Tired of the repeated failures of his team, the decisions of the management and in particular President Bartomeu and convinced that the cycle he was carrying at arm’s length has come to an end,  the Argentinian sent a fax to its president to clearly announce that he was asking to be released from his last year of contract, as provided for in the agreement renewed each year so far between the man with the six Ballons d’Or and FC Barcelona. In principle, this clause can only be activated until June, at the end of the season. But with the health crisis, if the deadline is officially exceeded, Lionel Messi hopes that he will be let go without a hitch because of everything he has brought to FC Barcelona. Not sure that the taste of Barcelona leaders, who certainly play their last card with the socios, disgusted by the possible departure of their idol.

Last Friday, discussions with Ronald Koeman did not allow him to change his mind, and the will of the future coach to separate from Luis Suarez this summer, would have convinced him that it was time to take off again . A real thunderclap in any case in a club that had lived for 15 years under the influence of La Pulga, who led his club on the roof of the world four times. It remains to be seen where Lionel Messi can pursue his career. Regularly, the names of Inter Milan, PSG and Manchester City have been mentioned. Recently, American clubs have inquired, while Manchester United has made a big push to convince him. Now, the hunt is on to recover the 33-year-old Argentinian.

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La bombe, Lionel Messi et le Barça, c’est fini

Tremblement de terre en Espagne, et notamment en Catalogne, Lionel Messi a communiqué au FC Barcelone son intention de quitter le club cet été.

Lassé par les échecs à répétition de son équipe, par les décisions de la direction et notamment le président Bartomeu et persuadé que le cycle qu’il portait à bout de bras est arrivé au bout, l’Argentin a envoyé un fax à son président pour annoncer clairement qu’il demandait à être libéré de sa dernière année de contrat, comme le prévoit l’accord reconduit chaque année jusqu’à présent entre l’homme aux six Ballons d’Or et le FC Barcelone. En principe, cette clause est activable uniquement jusqu’au mois de juin, à la fin de la saison. Mais avec la crise sanitaire, si le délai est officiellement dépassé, Lionel Messi espère bien qu’on le laissera partir sans histoire au motif de tout ce qu’il a apporté au FC Barcelone. Pas sûr que cela du goût des dirigeants barcelonais, qui jouent certainement leur dernier carte auprès des socios, dégoûtés par le possible départ de leur idole.

Vendredi dernier, les discussions avec Ronald Koeman n’ont pas permis de le faire changer d’avis, et la volonté du futur coach de se séparer de Luis Suarez cet été, l’aurait persuadé qu’il était temps de prendre un nouvel envol. Un véritable coup de tonnerre en tout cas dans un club qui vivait depuis 15 ans sous l’influence de La Pulga, qui a mené son club sur le toit du monde à quatre reprises. Reste désormais à savoir vers où Lionel Messi pourra poursuivre sa carrière. Régulièrement, les noms de l’Inter Milan, du PSG et de Manchester City ont été évoqués. Dernièrement, des clubs américains se sont renseignés, tandis que Manchester United a effectué un gros forcing pour le convaincre. Désormais, la chasse est ouverte pour récupérer l’Argentin de 33 ans.

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P.S.G. vs. Bayern Munich: Live Updates From the Champions League Final

Paris St.-Germain and Bayern Munich are meeting Sunday in the final of the Champions League, European soccer’s richest and grandest club competition. The post P.S.G. vs. 14 mots de plus

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P.S.G. vs. Bayern Munich: Live Updates From the Champions League Final
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neither Messi nor CR7… A 1st in 15 years!

After Cristiano Ronaldo, eliminated in the round of 16 with Juventus Turin last week (0-1, 2-1 against Lyon), FC Barcelona under Lionel Messi was brutally ejected by Bayern Munich (2-8) on Friday in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Consequence: neither of the two superstars will be present in the last four of the competition. This is the first time this has happened since 2005. La Pulga were in their first season for the first team, while the Portuguese was only in his second year at Manchester United. The two clubs were eliminated in the round of 16. Note that the following year, in 2006, Messi, injured, no longer played from the quarter-finals, but his Barça had won the competition.

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ni Messi, ni CR7… Une 1ère en 15 ans !

Après Cristiano Ronaldo, éliminé dès les 8es de finale avec la Juventus Turin la semaine dernière (0-1, 2-1 contre Lyon), le FC Barcelone de Lionel Messi a été brutalement éjecté par le Bayern Munich (2-8) ce vendredi en quart de finale de la Ligue des Champions. Conséquence : aucune des deux superstars ne sera présente dans le dernier carré de la compétition. C’est la première fois depuis 2005 que ce cas de figure se produit !La Pulga vivait alors sa première saison en équipe première, alors que le Portugais n’en était qu’à sa deuxième année à Manchester United. Les deux clubs avaient été éliminés en 8es de finale. Signalons que l’année suivante, en 2006, Messi, blessé, n’avait plus joué à partir des quarts de finale, mais son Barça avait remporté la compétition.

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Barça player positive for Covid-19, Champions League game against Bayern maintained

Barça player positive for Covid-19, Champions League game against Bayern maintained
A Barça player positive for Covid-19, the Champions League match against Bayern maintained – © FILIPPO MONTEFORTE – AFP

A FC Barcelona player, who  » has not been in contact  » with  » the team due to travel to Lisbon on Thursday  » for the Champions League final tournament, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, the Catalan club announced this Wednesday in a statement.

 » After the PCR tests carried out yesterday Tuesday afternoon to the group of nine players who started their preseason today (Wednesday), one of them tested positive for Covid-19. He is asymptomatic, he is in good health. health and was placed in isolation at his home, « Barça announced in a statement released on Wednesday morning, without specifying the identity of the infected person.

 » The player has not been in contact with members of the first team who have planned to travel to Lisbon tomorrow Thursday,  » said the Blaugrana club , who are due to face Bayern Munich on Friday in the Champions League quarter-finals, during the  unpublished Final 8 which is to take place in Lisbon from August 12 to 23.

FC Barcelona has directly informed the relevant sports and health authorities, and has traced all the people who have recently been in contact with the player to take PCR tests, the club said.

The nine young players who have started their preseason are Rafinha, Carles Aleña, Pedri, Francisco Trincao, Oriol Rosell, Juan Miranda, Matheus Fernandes, Moussa Wague and French prospect Jean-Clair Todibo (20).

Source :AFP 

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The richest sports clubs in the world in 2020

Despite the interruption of sporting events during confinement and the decline in club income, most of the major teams weigh even more heavily this year than last year.

Indeed, some teams did not tremble in the face of the coronavirus. This is particularly the case of the New York Mets in baseball. Fred Wilpon, owner of the team for nearly two decades, however recently put on sale his team which could well become the first franchise of Major League baseball to change hands in eight years. The businessman was unwilling to continue raising player salaries, as his team have remained winless in the World Series since 1986.

That hasn’t stopped many potential buyers from coming forward, including hedge fund mogul Steve Cohen and private equity guru Josh Harris. If one of the two men ends up closing the deal, he will have to shell out more than $ 2 billion, as the Mets are among the 57 teams valued beyond that amount. Ten years ago, only the Manchester United club barely came close, with $ 1.83 billion. Today, the honor goes to the Dallas Cowboys football team for leading the highest-grossing clubs for the fifth consecutive year, at $ 5.5 billion, just ahead of the New York Yankees.

For Sal Galatioto, at the head of Galatioto Sports Partners, a sports investment company (which deals in particular with transactions for the Chicago Cubs, the Golden State Warriors, the Philadelphia 76ers and others), “the multibillionaires who want to get into sports are not lacking at the moment. They will pay a premium. They buy these teams not only on the basis of the numbers, but also on the value of the franchise ”.

When it comes to value, the NFL is well ahead, with American football teams occupying 27 spots in the ranking of the 50 most highly rated teams. This not only reflects the popularity of matches at the stadium, but also on television. Currently, NFL TV rights are around $ 6.5 billion a year in the United States, a figure that could double shortly given a new deal about to be signed. To afford it, Fox even withdrew from a 12-year contract to broadcast the US Open golf course. The savings thus made should help finance a potential agreement of $ 2 billion per year with the NFL.

The NBA comes in second, with 9 teams on the standings. It includes the Brooklyn Nets, recently bought by Joseph Tsai, billionaire co-founder of Alibaba. Three European football teams are also making their way into the top 10 this year, with Real Madrid leading the way. The NHL is once again absent from the list.

For the secondary teams, the Covid-19 was more felt. Several minor league baseball teams are on the verge of bankruptcy, while professional American football league XFL has closed its doors after suspending its season in March. Some teams have managed to keep their heads above water, like the Dallas Cowboys, which made operating profits of $ 420 million in 2018. If this is a record for a sports team, the league average is $ 102 million. It is for this reason that the average length of ownership of a team is four decades, and only one team has changed owners in the past five years.

According to Sal Galatioto, who knows at least half a dozen billionaires eager to buy an NFL franchise, « this scarcity factor is pushing team values ​​up. »

1.  Dallas Cowboys – NFL

Value: $ 5.5 billion

Owner:  Jerry Jones

Year of acquisition:  1989

Amount disbursed: $ 150 million

2.  New York Yankees – MLB

Value: $ 5 billion

Owner: Steinbrenner family

Year of acquisition:  1973

Amount disbursed: $ 8.8 million

3.  New York Knicks – NBA

Value: $ 4.6 billion

Owner:  Madison Square Garden Company

Year of acquisition:  1997

Amount disbursed: $ 300 million

4.  Los Angeles Lakers – NBA

Value: $ 4.4 billion

Owner:  Jerry Buss Family Trusts, Philip Anschutz

Year of acquisition:  1979, 1998

Amount paid: 20 million dollars , 268 million dollars

5.  Golden State Warriors – NBA

Value: $ 4.3 billion

Owner:  Joe Lacob, Peter Guber

Year of acquisition:  2010

Amount disbursed: 450 million dollars

6.  Real Madrid

Value: $ 4.24 billion

Owner: collective property

Year of acquisition:  N / A

7.  New England Patriots – NFL

Value: $ 4.1 billion

Owner:  Robert Kraft

Year of acquisition:  1994

Amount disbursed: $ 172 million

8. FC Barcelona

Value: $ 4.02 billion

Owner:  collective property

Year of acquisition:  N / A

9.  New York Giants – NFL

Value: $ 3.9 billion

Owner:  John Mara, Steven Tisch

Year of acquisition:  1925, 1991

Amount disbursed: $ 500 million, $ 150 million

10.  Manchester United

Value: $ 3.81 billion

Owner: Glazer family

Year of acquisition:  2005

Amount disbursed: $ 1.4 billion

11.  Los Angeles Rams – NFL

Value: $ 3.8 billion

Owner:  E. Stanley Kroenke

Year of acquisition:  2010

Amount disbursed: $ 750 million

12.  San Francisco 49ers – NFL

Value: $ 3.5 billion

Owner:  Denise DeBartolo & John York

Year of acquisition:  1977

Amount disbursed: $ 13 million

13.  Chicago Bears – NFL

Value: $ 3.45 billion

Owner: McCaskey family

Year of acquisition:  1920

Amount disbursed: $ 100

14 (tied). Los Angeles Dodgers – MLB

Value: $ 3.4 billion

Owner:  Guggenheim Baseball Management

Year of acquisition:  2012

Amount disbursed: $ 2 billion

15 (tied). Washington Football Team – NFL

Value: $ 3.4 billion

Owner:  Daniel Snyder

Year of acquisition:  1999

Amount disbursed: $ 750 million

16.  Boston Red Sox – MLB3

Value: $ 3.3 billion

Owner:  John Henry, Thomas Werner

Year of acquisition:  2002

Amount disbursed: $ 380 million

17 (tied). Chicago Bulls – NBA

Value: $ 3.2 billion

Owner:  Jerry Reinsdorf

Year of acquisition:  1985

Amount disbursed: $ 16.2 million

18 (tied). Chicago Cubs – MLB

Value: $ 3.2 billion

Owner: Ricketts family

Year of acquisition:  2009

Amount disbursed: $ 700 million

19 (tied). New York Jets – NFL

Value: $ 3.2 billion

Owner: Johnson family

Year of acquisition:  2000

Amount disbursed: $ 635 million

20 (tied). Boston Celtics – NBA

Value: $ 3.1 billion

Owner:  Wycliffe & Irving Grousbeck, Robert Epstein, Stephen Pagliuca

Year of acquisition:  2002

Amount disbursed: $ 360 million

21 (tied). Houston Texans – NFL

Value: $ 3.1 billion

Owner:  Janice McNair

Year of acquisition:  1999

Amount disbursed: $ 600 million

22 (tied). San Francisco Giants – MLB

Value: $ 3.1 billion

Owner:  Charles Johnson

Year of acquisition:  1993

Amount disbursed: $ 100 million

23.  Philadelphia Eagles – NFL

Value: $ 3.05 billion

Owner:  Jeffrey Lurie

Year of acquisition:  1994

Amount disbursed: $ 185 million

24.  Bayern Munich

Value: $ 3.02 billion

Owner: collective property

Year of acquisition:  N / A

25.  Denver Broncos – NFL

Value: $ 3 billion

Owner:  Pat Bowlen Trust

Year of acquisition:  1984

Amount disbursed: $ 78 million

26.  Oakland Raiders – NFL

Value: $ 2.9 billion

Owner:  Mark Davis

Year of acquisition:  1966

Amount disbursed: $ 180,000

27.  Green Bay Packers – NFL

Value: $ 2.85 billion

Owner: collective property

Year of acquisition:  1921

Amount disbursed: $ 100

28.  Pittsburgh Steelers – NFL

Value: $ 2.8 billion

Owner:  Daniel Rooney Trust, Arthur Rooney II

Year of acquisition:  1933

Amount disbursed: $ 2,500

29.  Seattle Seahawks – NFL

Value: $ 2.78 billion

Owner:  Paul G. Allen Trust

Year of acquisition:  1997

Amount disbursed: $ 194 million

30.  Miami Dolphins – NFL

Value: $ 2.76 billion

Owner:  Stephen Ross

Year of acquisition:  2008

Amount disbursed: $ 1.1 billion

31.  Atlanta Falcons – NFL

Value: $ 2,755 billion

Owner:  Arthur Blank

Year of acquisition:  2002

Amount disbursed: $ 545 million

32.  Baltimore Ravens – NFL

Value: $ 2.75 billion

Owner:  Stephen Bisciotti

Year of acquisition:  2004

Amount disbursed: $ 600 million

33.  Minnesota Vikings – NFL

Value: $ 2.7 billion

Owner:  Zygmunt Wilf

Year of acquisition:  2005

Amount disbursed: $ 600 million

34.  Manchester City

Value: $ 2.69 billion

Owner:  Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Year of acquisition:  2008

Amount disbursed: $ 385 million

35.  Indianapolis Colts – NFL

Value: $ 2.65 billion

Owner:  James Irsay

Year of acquisition:  1972

Amount disbursed: $ 14 million

36.  Los Angeles Clippers – NBA