WhatsApp: A new scam can steal your account

Be careful for WhatsApp messaging users, a scam can deprive you of access to your own account. For the moment, these attempted thefts have been observed mainly among English-speaking users. How do hackers work? When a user creates their account or installs the application on their phone, they receive a message from WhatsApp giving them a 6-digitLire la suite « WhatsApp: A new scam can steal your account »

Why Signal’s latest idea might backfire

Is the Signal instant messaging app putting its finger in a gear that may overtake it? This is the opinion of some observers, specialists in computer security, after having read the latest initiative of the service , which is still at an experimental stage. Indeed, in the United Kingdom alone, Signal is exploring a payment service called Signal Payments. “  We want paymentsLire la suite « Why Signal’s latest idea might backfire »

Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal

One of the Signal users is Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook. The billionaire’s phone number was indeed discovered in a huge data breach at Facebook. After entering the number into the Signal app, a computer security expert realized that Zuckerberg was well listed among rival messaging users of WhatsApp and Messenger.  A few days ago,Lire la suite « Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal »

WhatsApp will offer customization options for its interface in the hope of keeping its users

The application has lost a large number of users due to its new policy of sharing personal data A few weeks ago, WhatsApp saw its user numbers skyrocket following its announcement to share certain personal data with Facebook , creating an exodus of its users to Signal . Since then, the messaging application has multiplied its attempts to reconnect withLire la suite « WhatsApp will offer customization options for its interface in the hope of keeping its users »

WhatsApp warns users who do not agree to its terms that they will be logged out of the messaging

WhatsApp is not taking a break with the implementation of its controversial Terms of Service update. Over the past few days, the platform has sent out notifications warning users of the consequences they face if they do not consent, as the deadline for doing so approaches. The company has given users until May 15 to agreeLire la suite « WhatsApp warns users who do not agree to its terms that they will be logged out of the messaging »

WhatsApp. A dangerous virus spreads to the mailbox via a download link

Another virus? Yes. Very contagious. And dangerous – at least for your electronic devices. It is spread through a download link on WhatsApp instant messaging.  Bad times for WhatsApp. After being criticized for its new terms of use , the famous instant messenger is now plagued by malware. A virus with formidable speed of expansion. It was the cybersecurity researcher Lukas Stefanko d’EsetLire la suite « WhatsApp. A dangerous virus spreads to the mailbox via a download link »

WhatsApp gives in on its policy, fearing the exodus to Signal

The policy update has been postponed. A real admission of weakness. Last week there was a massive exodus to Telegram and Signal for WhatsApp users. At issue: a new privacy policy chosen by Facebook, giving access to instant messaging data to the social network of the same name. Today, WhatsApp announces in a press release that the change will ultimatelyLire la suite « WhatsApp gives in on its policy, fearing the exodus to Signal »

Signal or whatsApp, what’s the difference?

Signal, the privacy-friendly messaging app, is emerging as WhatsApp’s main competitor. Downloads for this app rose 4,200% this week  after WhatsApp announced that its users should start giving certain data to its parent company, Facebook . Here is a list of the main differences between the two encrypted messaging platforms to help you decide which one you willLire la suite « Signal or whatsApp, what’s the difference? »

Signal ou whatsApp, quelle est la différence ?

Signal, l’application de messagerie respectant la vie privée, est en train d’émerger comme principal concurrent de WhatsApp. Les téléchargements de cette application ont augmenté de 4200% cette semaine après que WhatsApp a annoncé que ses utilisateurs devraient commencer à donner certaines données à sa société mère, Facebook. Voici une liste des principales différences entre les deuxLire la suite « Signal ou whatsApp, quelle est la différence ? »

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