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Rihanna officially billionaire, according to the classification of « Forbes »

The 33-year-old Barbadian is officially a billionaire according to the Forbes ranking

The famous singer and businesswoman Rihanna joins the prestigious Forbes ranking and becomes the richest musician in the world with an estimated fortune of $ 1.7 billion.Article written by

« I only see dollar signs , «  Rihanna sang on her hit Pour It Up . A title that fits perfectly with the new financial course that the designer has just passed.

The 33-year-old Barbadian is officially a billionaire according to the Forbes ranking. With an estimated wealth of 1.7 billion according to Forbes , Rihanna is placed just behind Oprah Winfrey and thus becomes the richest singer in the world. And yet, it is not thanks to her art that she has become so rich.

The Fenty Beauty Empire

In 2017, Rihanna created Fenty Beauty, a cosmetics brand in partnership with LVMH. The make-up line therefore relies on inclusiveness by offering a foundation available in 50 shades, making it easier for women and men of color to find a product suited to their skin tone.

The products very quickly know a worldwide craze and eventually overtake other lines of cosmetics created by other celebrities, such as Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner. According to Forbes , the company is now valued at $ 2.8 billion (€ 2.35 billion) of which 50% is owned by Rihanna.

La Barbadienne does not stop there and in 2018 launches Savage x Fenty, a line of lingerie that operates on the same principle of inclusiveness by offering underwear for each body type. A company also supported by LVMH and that Forbes estimates at $ 270 million. The singer owns 30% of the shares, the rest belonging to the French luxury group. 

Failure of ready-to-wear

But all is not perfect in this success story . His ready-to-wear brand Fenty, deemed too expensive and impacted by the health crisis, ended up disappearing.

With a fortune estimated at 1.7 billion dollars, Rihanna overtakes another artist turned businessman: Kanye West. With a wealth valued at $ 1.3 billion, the rapper and his shoe and clothing brand Yeezy are behind the singer of the famous Umbrella .

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What is the full ranking of Eurovision 2021

The Contest Eurovision Song 2021 is the 65 th edition of the competition. Is an annual event organized by the European Union of Broadcasting, the EBU. It brings together the members of the Union within the framework of a musical competition, broadcast live and simultaneously by all the participating broadcasters.

1. Italy (524 points)
2. France (499 points)
3. Switzerland (432 points)
4. Iceland (378 points)
5. Ukraine (364 points)
6. Finland (301 points)
7. Malta (255 points)
8. Lithuania (220 points)
9. Russia (204 points)
10. Greece (170 points)
11.Bulgaria (170 points)
12. Portugal (153 points)
13. Moldova (115 points)
14. Sweden (109 points)
15. Serbia (102 points)
16. Cyprus (94 points)
17. Israel (93 points)
18. Norway (75 points)
19. Belgium (74 points)
20. Azerbaijan (65 points)
21 . Albania (57 points)
22. San Marino (50 points)
23. The Netherlands (11 points)
24. Spain (6 points)
25. Germany (3 points)
26. the United Kingdom (0 points)

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are starting divorce proceedings!

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According to « Page Six », Kim Kardashian and her rapper Kanye West are going through a divorce …

The end of the reality TV Keeping up with the Kardashians would it have marked the end of the mythical couple formed by Kim and Kanye West? Many times, rumors have told them angry, in the middle of a heartbreaking breakup … this time, would it be the one? Fans have been asking all these questions ever since  Page Six claims « divorce is imminent .  « 

« They remain discreet, but they are finished, » said a source close to the duo to the tabloid. « Kim has hired Laura Wasser and they are in talks, » continues the informant in question.

Kim would have hired this lawyer specializing in celebrity divorces and who is extremely famous and recommended by Hollywood stars. 

The 40-year-old Armenian-born bomb was not seen wearing his wedding ring, and Kanye, 43, stayed at his $ 14 million Wyoming ranch during the last vacation instead of spending it with the Kardashians, which had already raised questions.

“Kim asked Kanye to go over there [to Wyoming] so they could live separate lives and calmly sort things out to separate and get a divorce. She’s done with him,” their source continued.

Source page six

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Kim Kardashian ready to divorce after shocking Kanye West rumors?

Kim Kardashian ready to divorce after shocking Kanye West rumors?

Is this the end of a story between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ? Since the shocking rumors on the latter, Internet users are wondering ! MCE TV tells you everything in detail!

A few days ago, MCE TV revealed to you that Larsa Pippen, Kim Kardashian’s former best friend, was at war with the star.

She therefore made several revelations about the reason for their friendship breakup. And obviously, Kanye West has a lot to do with it!

According to her, he would have made him « fit in »:  »  I was the person he called all the time when he was not satisfied with X, Y and Z … Why did it degenerate? Maybe because I blocked it on my phone. Because I couldn’t stand his calls anymore. I can not. « 

Moreover ! She claims the singer also manipulated his wife and family . So inevitably, hearing this bomb, Kim Kardashian must have asked a lot of questions! Is it true ? Does this jeopardize her marriage?

The answer is no ! Quite the contrary! North’s mother wants to stand up for her husband. It must be said that together, they lived through very difficult times.Kim Kardashian ready to divorce after shocking Kanye West rumors?


And they knew how to get up. So this new rumor would only be an additional test in their relationship. And according to
British magazine New !, Larsa’s words helped Kim Kardashian start a change in her life:

“Larsa’s comments were a bitter pill to swallow. But they’ve also been the wake-up call Kim needs to start making changes. « 

« Kim wants to make sure that she doesn’t lose any more friends and that she stands in solidarity with Kanye to show her independence, without sinking their boat. » « 

So you understood, Kim Kardashian is desperate to defend Kanye West and thus preserve his marriage.

Source : BUZZ

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Rihanna accused of blasphemy: a monster controversy, a public apology

RIHANNA. After several days of controversy over Rihanna’s use of an Islamic hadith in the music for her Savage x Fenty lingerie show, the singer has apologized.

“We understand that we may have hurt many of our Muslim brothers and sisters. After days of controversy, since the broadcast on Amazon Prime of the lingerie show Savage x Fenty, the brand of  Rihanna , the singer from Barbados has been pushed to apologize. Since Friday, October 2 and the broadcast of the show, the controversy did not fall on social networks. In question ? Music from the parade of her lingerie brand Savage x Fenty, which remixed in time-lapse a hadith, a sacred word from the Prophet Muhammad, concerning the end of time and the day of judgment. A use considered disrespectful by many Muslims on social networks, who demanded the singer from Barbados for explanations and even called for her boycott.

Tuesday, October 6, in an Instagram story, the 32-year-old artist finally broke the silence. « I want to thank the Muslim community for reporting a huge error that was unintentionally offensive in our Savage x Fenty show, » Rihanna begins. “We understand that we may have hurt many of our Muslim brothers and sisters (…) the use of this piece in our project was completely irresponsible. In the future, we will make sure that this does not happen again. Thank you for your forgiveness and your understanding, ”adds the star, whose XXL show was broadcast on Amazon Prime on Friday, October 2.

The song in question, used in the show, is called  Doom.  It was created two years ago by a London producer named Coucou Chloé and takes up a hadit evoking the day of judgment and the end of the world. Before Rihanna’s apology, the song’s creator had already apologized « for having offended with the vocals sampled in the song  Doom. »« At the time, I did not know that these samples used texts from an Islamic hadith. I take full responsibility for not having researched these words properly and I want to thank the people who took the time to explain them to me, ”she wrote on Twitter. And to conclude: “We are urgently removing this song from all streaming platforms. « 

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Kanye West goes crazy and urinates on his Grammy,

Kanye west
Kanye West in Paris on September 24, 2014. | © Sophie Mhabille / ABACAPRESS.COM

While his fans thought he had seen it all, Kanye West has proven he can always go further.

“Believe me… I’m not going to stop,” is the very clear caption of Kanye West’s latest Twitter post. On it, we see the singer urinating on one of his Grammys, thrown in the toilet. The singer has nearly 21 in total, but the father does not seem to show much respect since his dispute with the two music labels Sony Music and Universal.

The 43-year-old singer accuses them of keeping artists in slavery. In an insane soliloquy, the interpreter of « Good Morning » tries to express his legal strategy to recover his works from Sony. We understand that he would also have rights at Universal, a subsidiary of the French group Vivendi. The rapper even went so far as to post more than a hundred tweets yesterday, featuring screenshots of his contracts with Universal Music Group. « They are trying to bury us alive, » he tweeted before adding, « I need all the lawyers in the world to review them . «

Between all this, the singer has strewn various extracts from the Bible, photos of his interior and several other inconsistent messages. This new compulsive episode worried his fans, who expressed themselves en masse on the networks: « Go get treatment », « You have a problem. Kim Kardashian, he needs help ”,“ Just imagine him becoming president ”,…