Why Signal’s latest idea might backfire

Is the Signal instant messaging app putting its finger in a gear that may overtake it? This is the opinion of some observers, specialists in computer security, after having read the latest initiative of the service , which is still at an experimental stage. Indeed, in the United Kingdom alone, Signal is exploring a payment service called Signal Payments. “  We want paymentsLire la suite « Why Signal’s latest idea might backfire »

Why is this bitcoin billionaire accumulating so many ethers (ETH)?

Ethereum, the ideal monetary candidate – For Mark Cuban, it is neither cryptography nor Bitcoin, nor even the blockchain that will revolutionize our lives, but smart contracts. During his visit to “The Delphi Podcast”, the successful investor made a comparison between the emergence of smart contracts and that of the internet. Ethereum: the most similar to a currency MarkLire la suite « Why is this bitcoin billionaire accumulating so many ethers (ETH)? »

Elon Musk pockets $ 25 billion in one day

It is good to be a billionaire in new technologies. Tuesday, Jeff Bezos potentially won $ 6 billion and Mark Zuckerberg 3.8 billion … But the prize goes to the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, who touched a jackpot of $ 25 billion. The billionaires in new technologies lived, Tuesday, a rather enriching day … TheLire la suite « Elon Musk pockets $ 25 billion in one day »

Why Bill Gates warns against bitcoin

Bill Gates, the third richest person in the world, is not a fan of bitcoin, in part for environmental reasons. According to the billionaire, not only does bitcoin consume a lot of energy, it can also cause problems for investors who don’t have a lot of money to spare, given its price volatility. “Elon (Musk, note)Lire la suite « Why Bill Gates warns against bitcoin »

Spain: Lionel Messi accused of having ruined FC Barcelona

Long considered a living god, Lionel Messi is undergoing increasingly violent attacks as his contract with Barcelona comes to an end. The Argentine is now accused of having ruined Barça. When you want to kill your dog, you say he has rabies. This expression seems to apply more and more to Lionel Messi on the side ofLire la suite « Spain: Lionel Messi accused of having ruined FC Barcelona »

Elon Musk is already no longer the richest man in the world

Tesla boss is ironed behind Jeff Bezos, but it might not last Last weekend, Elon Musk touched the stars by becoming the richest man in the world  with a fortune then estimated at 188.5 billion dollars. But here he is already back on the second step of the podium while Tesla’s stock price dropped slightly on Monday. An 8% drop inLire la suite « Elon Musk is already no longer the richest man in the world »

New York – London in 3h30? The return of a commercial supersonic aircraft takes shape

With a maximum speed of Mach 2.2, the supersonic aircraft XB-1 will offer a flight time between New York and London of 3h30 instead of 7, a Los Angeles Sydney in 6:45 instead of 15 … Fifty-one year after the Concorde’s first flight and 17 years after its commercial shutdown due to the takeoff crash of an Air FranceLire la suite « New York – London in 3h30? The return of a commercial supersonic aircraft takes shape »

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