The mystery of the 2000-year-old “first computer” finally uncovered?

Researchers around the world have been wondering about the Antikythera mechanism for more than a century  . This machine, discovered by divers in 1901, has since been considered the world’s first analog computer, designed there? 2,000 years old. Today, scientists from London’s Global University (UCL), recognized worldwide for its academic excellence, believe they have solved the mystery of this pioneering computationalLire la suite « The mystery of the 2000-year-old “first computer” finally uncovered? »

No, Elon Musk isn’t really dead (he just lost a lot of money)

On social networks, some are spreading the rumor of Elon Musk’s death. If the rumor has been denied, it comes at a bad time for the boss of Tesla. At the end of the day on Friday, a funny rumor appeared on social networks, under the hashtag #RIPElon. Some internet users have tried to pretend that Tesla’sLire la suite « No, Elon Musk isn’t really dead (he just lost a lot of money) »

Here’s what will kill all life on Earth in a billion years

The evolution of the Earth does not bode well: the oxygen, so precious to life, will be eliminated from the atmosphere in a billion years due to the lack of photosynthesis. Oxygen was thus only a small parenthesis in the evolution of the Planet. In 5 to 7 billion years, the Sun will have used up its helium and will turnLire la suite « Here’s what will kill all life on Earth in a billion years »

Earth’s rotation: one more second and the world can change

Sometimes the Earth spins too fast. Humans then try to keep pace, to adapt their clocks. But adding 1 second in a digitized world is not without consequences. Like the Terrans, the blue planet was in a hurry to turn the page of the year 2020. It therefore turned faster than usual. Last year, the days lasted anLire la suite « Earth’s rotation: one more second and the world can change »

What is the mission of the Perseverance robot

published by Jules Bercy NASA’s perseverance rover, which left Cape Canaveral on July 30, 2020, landed safely on the Red Planet, Thursday, February 18, after having traveled 480 million kilometers. A crucial scientific step to try to find out if life existed on Mars The main objective pursued with this rover is to search for signsLire la suite « What is the mission of the Perseverance robot »

Perseverance’s landing on Mars in « seven minutes of terror »

published by Jules Bercy About seven months after taking off, NASA’s last vehicle, Perseverance, will still have to survive « seven minutes of terror, » as the ultra-perilous maneuver preceding its landing on Mars is dubbed.  The chosen location, Jezero Crater, is the most dangerous landing site ever attempted. In seven minutes, the rover must go from aLire la suite « Perseverance’s landing on Mars in « seven minutes of terror » »

NASA wants to fly helicopter to Mars

More than a century after the first powered flight on Earth, NASA intends to prove that it is possible to fly a machine on another planet. Transported aboard the Mars 2020 mission, which arrives at its destination on Thursday, the small Ingenuity helicopter will have to accomplish a feat: rise in air with a density equivalentLire la suite « NASA wants to fly helicopter to Mars »

The life of a small second on Earth for man

published by Jules bercy The earth is the cradle of humanity. Man reigns supreme there, without anything seeming to be able to stop him. Yet planet earth did not wait for man to begin its history. Since life appeared, the earth has hosted countless species, which have followed one another for more or less long time. But 99.9%Lire la suite « The life of a small second on Earth for man »

A unique life on one planet

Humans inhabit a planet in their image: special, unique, perfect. The only planet that shelters living beings, the earth is an oasis of life in the middle of the great cosmic desert. But is she really that exceptional? Man has in fact only a very vague vision of the universe in which he evolves. His scale is soLire la suite « A unique life on one planet »

The Universe, the infinite and the infinite

Human beings have always known that they hold a special place in the universe. Center of the world, jewel of evolution, he raised his eyes to the sky. And then he started exploring. Man discovered that he inhabits one planet among many in the solar system, a small blue dot rotating around its star. The universe is teemingLire la suite « The Universe, the infinite and the infinite »

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