What is the mission of the Perseverance robot

published by Jules Bercy NASA’s perseverance rover, which left Cape Canaveral on July 30, 2020, landed safely on the Red Planet, Thursday, February 18, after having traveled 480 million kilometers. A crucial scientific step to try to find out if life existed on Mars The main objective pursued with this rover is to search for signsLire la suite « What is the mission of the Perseverance robot »

Quelle est la mission du robot Persévérance

Le rover persévérance de la Nasa, parti de Cap Canaveral le 30 juillet 2020 s’est posé sans encombre sur la planète rouge, jeudi 18 février, après avoir parcouru 480 millions de kilomètres. Une étape scientifique cruciale pour tenter de savoir si la vie a existé sur Mars Le principal objectif poursuivi avec ce rover estLire la suite « Quelle est la mission du robot Persévérance »

The life of a small second on Earth for man

published by Jules bercy The earth is the cradle of humanity. Man reigns supreme there, without anything seeming to be able to stop him. Yet planet earth did not wait for man to begin its history. Since life appeared, the earth has hosted countless species, which have followed one another for more or less long time. But 99.9%Lire la suite « The life of a small second on Earth for man »

3,000-year-old purple fabric found in Israel

Fragments of purple textiles discovered in Timna, southern Israel, were unveiled this week in Israel, providing a glimpse of the wealth of people living in the region during the biblical times of Kings David and Solomon, researchers say.Article written by The remains of purple-dyed cloth were found during archaeological excavations in the Timna Valley, aLire la suite « 3,000-year-old purple fabric found in Israel »

The incredible discovery: Homo luzonensis, a new human species

An international multidisciplinary team discovered a new human species, Homo luzonensis, during excavations carried out in the Callao cave, located on the island of Luzon, in the north of the Philippines. An international multidisciplinary team co-directed by Florent Détroit, paleoanthropologist at the Musée de l’Homme, has discovered a new human species, Homo luzonensis. This discovery wasLire la suite « The incredible discovery: Homo luzonensis, a new human species »

Archeology: how the “most significant” biblical texts have been hidden for thousands of years

Archaeologists have found a myriad of wonders in the Middle East over the centuries, but « one of the most important discoveries » of the earliest known biblical texts could have been hidden forever without sheer luck. The silver scrolls of Ketef Hinnom have been described by  archaeologists  as the greatest discovery for biblical studies. Discovered in the Hinnon ValleyLire la suite « Archeology: how the “most significant” biblical texts have been hidden for thousands of years »

Archaeology: Cerne Abbas Giant is NOT prehistoric – ‘More likely dates to Medieval times’

ARCHAEOLOGY experts now believe the iconic Cerne Abbas Giant is nowhere near as ancient as first thought, following a landmark new study into the famous figure. Read more👇 https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1306746/archaeology-news-cerne-abbas-giant-not-prehistoric

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