Members of the movement were present on Wednesday during the pro-Trump invasion of Capitol Hill. Most sport a distinctive « Q » on their clothing or on signs, Pro-Trump, conspiratorial, close to the far right. QAnon saw the light of day in October 2017 on the maligned 4CHAN forum. An Internet user called « Q clearance patriot » launches a crazyLire la suite « WHAT IS THE QANON COMPLOTIST MOVEMENT »

Facebook interdit Trump  » indéfiniment  »: Zuckerberg

Facebook a banni le président Donald Trump de la plate-forme «indéfiniment» en raison des efforts du dirigeant américain pour inciter à la violence dans la capitale américaine cette semaine, a déclaré le directeur général Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg a déclaré sur sa page Facebook que l’interdiction, annoncée mercredi pendant 24 heures, avait été prolongée en raisonLire la suite « Facebook interdit Trump  » indéfiniment  »: Zuckerberg »


The future President of the United States raised his sleeve in front of television cameras to set an example. President-elect of the United States Joe Biden, 78, received the first dose of a vaccine against Covid-19 on Monday live in front of television cameras. The injection of the Pfizer vaccine, the first of two remediesLire la suite « JOE BIDEN VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19 IN FRONT OF TELEVISION CAMERAS »

Supreme Court sinks Donald Trump’s last hopes

The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the postal vote in Pennsylvania In one concise sentence, the United States Supreme Court refused to interfere with the results of the American presidential election . On Tuesday, the highest US court dismissed an appeal by Republicans in Pennsylvania , who sought to block certification of results and reject more thanLire la suite « Supreme Court sinks Donald Trump’s last hopes »

Donald Trump will not attend the handover on January 20

Donald Trump adds more every day in the denial of his defeat to Joe Biden. He continues to claim that the victory was stolen from him. According to those around him, he might not participate in the handover in January. He violates the American tradition It is the tradition , even if nothing is written about it inLire la suite « Donald Trump will not attend the handover on January 20 »

Donald Trump n’assistera pas à la passation de pouvoirs le 20 janvier

Donald Trump en rajoute chaque jour dans le déni de sa défaite face à Joe Biden. Il continue d’affirmer que la victoire lui a été volée. Selon son entourage, il pourrait ne pas participer à la passation de pouvoirs en janvier. Il viole la tradition Americaine C’est la tradition, même si rien n’est écrit àLire la suite « Donald Trump n’assistera pas à la passation de pouvoirs le 20 janvier »

The court cases awaiting Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the subject of several legal proceedings. After the handover and the induction of Joe Biden on January 20, 2021, Trump could see several legal proceedings accelerate against him. I won the Election! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 16, 2020  Trump believes that massive fraud took place during the ballot, without providing evidenceLire la suite « The court cases awaiting Donald Trump »


A week after the announcement by several American media of the victory of Joe Baden and Donald Trump refuses to recognize his defeat. This Sunday Trump admitted that his Democratic opponent « had won » but « because the election was rigged ». on Twitter, Donald Trump denounced the absence of « spectators or authorized observers » during the counting ofLire la suite « FOR THE FIRST TIME TRUMP CONVERSES BIDEN’S VICTORY »

Historic number of votes for Biden and Trump

The 2020 election, which saw Joe Biden’s victory, is one of all records for the United States: both in number of votes and in turnout. The total vote count for the US presidential election was not yet finished, Monday, November 9, but in more ways than one, this ballot, won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden,Lire la suite « Historic number of votes for Biden and Trump »

Bush congratulates Biden, and declares that his victory is Claire

Former President George W. Bush congratulated President-elect  Joe Biden  in a phone call on Sunday and said that while President  Donald Trump  has the right to pursue legal challenges and narrate, the 2020 race was “Fundamentally fair” and “its outcome is clear. «  The move by Bush, the only living former Republican president, was a break with his party’s incumbentLire la suite « Bush congratulates Biden, and declares that his victory is Claire »

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