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United States: for the 20th anniversary of September 11, Biden calls for « unity »

The United States honor this Saturday the memory of the victims of the attacks of September 11, 2001, which left 2,977 dead.

Unity is strength. This, in essence, is the message sent to Americans by Joe Biden in a video published this Friday, on the eve of the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of September 11 .

“In the days following September 11, 2001, we saw something far too rare: true national unity (…) This is for me the central lesson of September 11. It is that when we are the most vulnerable (…), unity is our greatest strength, ”declared the American president, filmed at the White House, in a message of a little over six minutes. He also paid tribute to the 2,977 victims and their loved ones , but also to all those who lost their lives « in the minutes, hours, months and years that followed » the attacks while trying to rescue victims or clearing the land. the places .

« Unity doesn’t mean we all have to believe the same thing, but it’s essential that we respect each other, and have faith in each other, » Joe Biden said in his video message to America. deeply divided.

No speaking

The president and his wife Jill Biden are due to visit, this Saturday, the three emblematic places of the attacks of September 11, 2001: in New York, on the Pentagon site and in Pennsylvania, where a plane hijacked by jihadists crashed. twenty years ago.null

But it is not expected that Joe Biden, much criticized for his management of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and who is struggling to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, to speak in public during the ceremonies . He will preside – in silence, therefore – the tribute to the 2,977 dead (including 2,753 in New York alone) from the impressive Manhattan memorial built at the foot of new skyscrapers, on « Ground Zero », where s ‘once stood the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

A musical tribute, several minutes of silence and the reading of all the names of the victims are planned near the two huge black basins which replaced the base of the towers. The commemorations will start at 8.46am in the United States – the time at which the first plane hacked by five of the 19 terrorists had struck the north tower of the World Trade Center

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US: Two new victims identified twenty years after 9/11

The head of the forensic institute in New York said in a statement that his laboratory had identified the 1646 th and 1647 th people who had lost their lives in the World Trade Center.

Two more victims killed in the New York attacks have been officially identified.
Two more victims killed in the New York attacks have been officially identified. BRAD RICKERBY / REUTERS

A few days before the commemoration of the jihadist attacks of 9/11, two more victims killed in the attacks in New York have been officially identified, thanks to new DNA sequencing technology, the city announced on Tuesday. The head of the forensic institute in New York said in a statement that his laboratory had identified the 1646 th and 1647 th people who had lost their lives in the World Trade Center.

A total of 2,753 people died after an al-Qaida commando threw two airliners into Manhattan’s Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Of these, 1,106 people have yet to be identified, some 40% of those. and those who died in New York.

“Twenty years ago, we promised the families of World Trade Center victims that we would do whatever we could – however long it takes – to identify their loved ones. With these two new identifications, we continue to meet our compelling obligations ,  wrote New York Forensic Institute chief Barbara Sampson.

The first was a woman, Dorothy Morgan, living on Long Island and whose remains found in 2001 were subjected to DNA testing. The second victim was a man whose remains were found in 2001, 2002 and 2006, but whose identity will remain secret at the request of his family.

For Barbara Sampson, the process and techniques put in place over the past two decades to identify every victim at the World Trade Center represent  » the largest and most complex forensic investigation in US history . » It was made possible in particular thanks to a new technology of DNA sequencing, known as new generation, according to the Forensic Institute of New York.

The United States must commemorate Saturday the deadliest attacks in history, around a Joe Biden weakened by the chaotic end of the war in Afghanistan, a conflict triggered precisely by the attacks of September 11. The US president has planned to visit the three sites where a total of nearly 3,000 people perished.

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Major General Chris Donahue, the last American soldier to leave Afghan soil

Major General Chris Donahue, the last American soldier to leave Afghan soil, at Hamid-Karzai International Airport in Kabul on August 30, 2021.
Major General Chris Donahue, the last American soldier to leave Afghan soil, at Hamid-Karzai International Airport in Kabul, August 30, 2021. US ARMY / REUTERS

After twenty years of military presence and five months of wandering the Biden administration, the last American soldiers have left Kabul

Promised by the new president upon his arrival at the White House, the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan was concluded on Monday, August 30, in an atmosphere of debacle and excitement.

The photo is blurry, taken at night, with greenish tones. It distinguishes Major General Chris Donahue, commander of the 82 th  Airborne Division, setting foot aboard a cargo plane C-17 end of the runway at the international airport Hamid-Karzai in Kabul. Chris Donahue makes history. He is the last American soldier to leave Afghan soil.

There are no more US military forces in Afghanistan. The announcement was made late in the afternoon in Washington, Monday, August 30, by General Kenneth McKenzie , head of the central command. Either twenty-four hours before the planned deadline with the Taliban.

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In the US, Biden promises to destroy « highways of racism »

Across the United States, the highway system dating from the 1960s was built without thinking about the social consequences. In many states, highways that cut through cities cut society in two.

The US Senate on Tuesday passed the historic $ 1 trillion infrastructure plan promised by President Biden. The « historic project » must now be voted on in the House of Representatives. He promises to renovate roads, bridges, electricity networks, expand internet access, all while respecting the environment and taking into account the fight against global warming. Nestled in this law, the destruction of « roads of racism ».

These  » roads of racism  » cut cities in two and draw a red line which delimits a kind of segregation. On the one hand, the « frequentable » suburbsmiddle classes, even upscale. On the other, minority communities, often poor and often black populations. These highways are part of the historic highway system of the United States. They were built between the 1950s and the 1970s. Town planners of the time sought to build where property values ​​were lowest, and therefore cheapest to buy. Thousands of traders, businesses and residents left these areas and never returned. At the same time, it has allowed the middle class to settle in suburban areas and to make daily trips to the city center.

Degraded living conditions

These urban highways have dramatic consequences for the populations who live nearby, especially pollution. In the Bronx, a former resident of the Cross Bronx Expressway recounts: « As a son of the Bronx, I grew up in three places at the same time – home, school and hospital, because I had seizures. recurrent asthma «  . According to US Congressman Richie Torres, originally from that New York City neighborhood, the asthma hospitalization rate in the South Bronx is two to three times higher than in the rest of the city. 

In New Orleans, near the Claiborne Expressway , built in 1968, residents hear the sound of cars night and day, passers-by are suffocated by exhaust fumes. Around this urban highway, nearly 40% of the inhabitants live below the poverty line, against 25% for the rest of the city.

For the White House, which cited the example of New Orleans , these highways have caused the ruin and grief of underprivileged communities, destroyed businesses, polluted the air, « racism is physically embedded in some highways », Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg said.

Remove all highways?

The solution proposed by the president is rather radical and the idea is not to destroy all the urban highways. What is likely to happen is that every state and every city will rethink space. In environmental terms, in terms of transport and in social terms, and this is all new. In Syracuse, New York, for example, part of the highway will be destroyed and a boulevard built instead. Traffic would be diverted elsewhere. This project alone is two billion dollars, supported by the State of New York and helped with federal funds. On the other hand, in New Orleans, officials have already announced that destroying Claiborne Expressway was not a priority, because it was too expensive . 

This destruction is not necessarily well received by the inhabitants of the areas concerned. « It’s a virtuous signal, » a Syracuse resident told the BBC ,  » but it won’t help matters. » In the meantime, her 61-year-old neighbor washes her furniture as she does every day, covered by the dust from the highway.

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Donald Trump demolishes The American Team After The olympic games

Yellow hair against purple hair

Following the bronze medal won by the Americans on Thursday , Donald Trump, former President of the United States, saw fit to give his opinion on the medalist group: « If our football team, led by a radical group of crazy left, was not « woke », they would have won the gold instead of the bronze. « 

But Trump didn’t stop there, he went on to attack Megan Rapinoe, who aside from her major role in the Yanks collective , is also a figure in the struggle for LGBT + rights and a staunch opponent of Trump. « The woman with purple hair played very badly and spends too much time thinking about the radical left politics and not doing his job, » said the 45 th US president.

Source : SO FOOT

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Capitol: riot shaman to undergo psychological test in prison

Jacob Chansley, whose photos had toured the world on January 6, 2021, will be deemed fit or not to answer for his actions, according to Business Insider.

The individual was among the rioters who invaded the Capitol on January 6.  © WIN MCNAMEE / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP

LIs the “shaman of the Capitol” fit to be judged? Jacob Chansley, a QAnon conspirator, pictured  shirtless in horned shaman gear during the riot in Vice President Mike Pence’s office, was taken into custody in January following the assault. « Strong evidence, including Chansley’s own words and actions on Capitol Hill, shows that the purpose of the rioters on Capitol Hill was to capture and assassinate elected officials in the United States government, » prosecutors wrote at the time. They said Jacob Chansley, 33, left a note for Mike Pence on the Senate dais where the Deputy Speaker had stood a few minutes earlier, on which was written: “This is that a matter of time, justice arrives. 

According to the prosecution, the individual is a regular drug user probably suffering from mental problems. « Chansley has spoken openly about his belief that he is an alien, a higher entity, and that he is here on Earth to ascend to another reality, » the record reads. This is why, as Business Insider reports , the man nicknamed the “shaman” will undergo a test in his Colorado prison which will determine whether he is able to understand the charges against him, charges he has. always refuted.

Acts under Trump’s influence, his lawyer says

The review will determine whether Chansley « currently suffers from a mental illness or defect rendering him psychologically unfit, as he is unable to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him or to adequately attend his hearing. defense, ”explains the judge in charge of the case. His lawyer declares, for his part, that the individual is affected by autistic disorders, and believes that his client acted under the orders of Donald Trump that day. If the test concludes that Jacob Chansley is not psychologically fit, he could escape jail. Otherwise, he could still be taken care of in a prison hospital.

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Mars: Perseverance rover made oxygen on the red planet

This is a historic feat that NASA scientists achieved through the Perseverance rover: the robot transformed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere of Mars to make oxygen.

After the first flight of a human craft on Mars, the first attempt to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen on the red planet. The mission of the Perseverance rover is, for the moment, a great success. On April 20, NASA succeeded in converting CO2 into oxygen on Mars, thanks to the Perseverance robot  The space agency now hopes that this experience will serve to prepare the ground for an exploration of the red planet by humans. 

This device used by the robot could facilitate space exploration, producing oxygen for astronauts , without having to carry oxygen cylinders from Earth. Oxygen is also used to propel rockets into space, so it is a key component for all space travel.

This experiment was carried out with a Moxie box (Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment), located at the front of the rover. This box uses electricity and chemistry to split CO2 molecules , thereby separating oxygen from carbon monoxide. 

In this first test, Moxie produced five grams of oxygen , enough for an astronaut to breathe for 10 minutes if he maintains normal activity. After this test, NASA engineers will multiply the experiments to try to produce more oxygen and really master this new technology. According to engineers’ calculations, Moxie could produce up to 10 grams of oxygen per hour .

The box is about the size of a 17 kilogram car battery and is coated with a thin layer of gold, to withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius .

NASA is already thinking about future applications of such technology. With a one-ton Moxie, a rocket could get the 25 tons of oxygen it needs to take off from Mars. 

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The future American president will travel faster than sound.

The start-up Exodus, which signed a contract with the US Air Force, could equip the presidency with a flamboyant supersonic plane in the 2030s.

The future American president will travel faster than sound. At Mach 1.8 precisely, or 2222 km / h. The US Air Force signed contracts last September with start-ups to develop supersonic transport planes for the US federal administration.Among them, the Californian start-up Exosonic which is one of those who will perhaps have the honor of flying the future American president. 

The concept of the supersonic jet impressed and received the front of the Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate which is in charge of the presidential fleet known as « Air Force One » (the term in fact refers to all the planes in which are the president).Since 1990, this presidential fleet has consisted of two refitted Boeing 747-200B aircraft. But by 2024, two new models (the most recent 747-8) are expected to come into operation. Perhaps these will be the last subsonic models in the fleet.

Because by 2030, the first supersonics could come into operation. CNN thus unveils the model of the start-up Exodus, which could transport the future president or vice-president of the United States in 10 years.

Supersonics without boom

It’s a rather small 31-passenger model that’s a derivative of the 70-seat commercial airliner developed by the start-up. It would be a « low-boom » supersonic, an aircraft in which travelers « fly at supersonic speeds without generating disturbing booms for those on the ground, » said a spokesperson for the Army Materiel Command. ‘air at .

« With this concept, we plan to implement new technologies that are not available today or that you do not see (yet) on commercial or business aircraft », explains to CNN Stephanie Chahan, in charge of interior design at Exosonic.

Courtesy Exosonic/CNN © Exosonic

The start-up thus offered CNN a virtual tour of the interior of the project which will be presented to the US Air Force.The main cabin has 20 business class seats and two galleys.
« The design of the cabin was inspired by the colors of the American executive power, its mission and its values, as well as by the peregrine falcon, known for its speed and both for its movement and for its beauty, » explains the designer. .

Courtesy Exosonic/CNN © Exosonic

The aircraft would also have two private suites including meeting rooms, secure videoconferencing room with rotating leather armchairs and light wood frame.

Courtesy Exosonic/CNN © Exosonic

According to its designer, the device would have a range of 5,000 nautical miles, or more than 9,200 km. Using noise attenuation technologies, it could fly over populated land at speeds greater than Mach 1.Other even more ambitious projects have received an investment from the US Air Force. like that of Hermeus Corporation based in Atlanta which is developing a hypersonic model (Mach 5) that would allow the American president to reach Europe in just 90 minutes. The start-up has already developed its engine, which it has successfully tested.

Source BFM

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Donald Trump will return to social networks … by creating his own platform

Donald Trump will return to social networks within two to three months with his own platform

The former US president was banned from Twitter in January after his supporters stormed the Capitol

The story does not say, at this time, whether messages will only appear in capital letters. Banned from Twitter since January, Donald Trump will return to social networks within two to three months « with his own platform, » said an adviser to the former president of the United States on Sunday.

« I think we will see President Trump back on social networks in two or three months, » said Jason Miller on the Fox News channel, without providing further details on the contours of this « platform », referring only to many meetings at Mar-a-Lago, the Republican billionaire’s Florida home.

@realDonaldTrump and its 88 million subscribers

“It’s not just a company that approached the president, there are a lot of companies,” and “this new platform will be something big, everyone wants it. It will bring millions and millions, tens of millions of subscribers to this new platform, ”he added.

The ex-president, who left the White House on January 20 after being defeated by Democrat Joe Biden in the November election, has also been temporarily or permanently banned by most other major social networks or platforms internet including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Snapchat.

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Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama call on Americans to get vaccinated

The four former heads of state underline the importance of the vaccine, with personal anecdotes to support it. A big absentee: Donald Trump.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama,

Four former US presidents and one message: get vaccinated. In a video released on Thursday titled « It depends on you. » Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama stress the importance of the vaccine, supporting personal anecdotes.

« This vaccine is synonymous with hope », underlines Barack Obama in front of the camera. “They will protect you and protect those you love. « I want to go back to work and I want to be able to move, » says Bill Clinton.

George W. Bush says he is « impatient » to find « a full stadium » to cheer on his Texas Rangers baseball team. « To overcome this pandemic, it is important that our fellow citizens get vaccinated, » he insists.null

Two major absentees in this initiative which brings together all the ex-presidents still alive: Donald and Melania Trump. The latter were vaccinated in January, a few weeks before their departure from the White House. But the information was not revealed by their relatives until several weeks later.