Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are starting divorce proceedings!

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According to « Page Six », Kim Kardashian and her rapper Kanye West are going through a divorce …

The end of the reality TV Keeping up with the Kardashians would it have marked the end of the mythical couple formed by Kim and Kanye West? Many times, rumors have told them angry, in the middle of a heartbreaking breakup … this time, would it be the one? Fans have been asking all these questions ever since  Page Six claims « divorce is imminent .  « 

« They remain discreet, but they are finished, » said a source close to the duo to the tabloid. « Kim has hired Laura Wasser and they are in talks, » continues the informant in question.

Kim would have hired this lawyer specializing in celebrity divorces and who is extremely famous and recommended by Hollywood stars. 

The 40-year-old Armenian-born bomb was not seen wearing his wedding ring, and Kanye, 43, stayed at his $ 14 million Wyoming ranch during the last vacation instead of spending it with the Kardashians, which had already raised questions.

“Kim asked Kanye to go over there [to Wyoming] so they could live separate lives and calmly sort things out to separate and get a divorce. She’s done with him,” their source continued.

Source page six

Giant black hole disappears from radar and worries NASA

A supermassive black hole that weighs between 3 and 100 billion times the mass of the sun is out of place and is causing concern among astronomers.

The black hole located in a galaxy located in the Abell 2261 galaxy cluster is nowhere to be found.
The black hole located in a galaxy located in the Abell 2261 galaxy cluster is nowhere to be found. | X-RAY: NASA / CXC / UNIV OF MICHIGAN / K. GÜLTEKIN; OPTICAL: NASA / STSCI AND NAOJ / SUBARU; INFRARED: NSF / NOAO / KPNO

It should logically be in a galaxy located at the heart of the Abell 2261 galaxy cluster, 2.7 billion light years from Earth. However, no trace of this supermassive black hole has been found by astronomers during their research.

Scientists report this situation in a study published in AAS Journal and relayed Thursday, December 17 on the site of the X- ray observatory Chandra , reports Numerama in its columns .

Giant galaxies such as this one are believed to harbor a supermassive black hole at its center and its absence is deemed « abnormal. » Since the mass of a central black hole typically follows the mass of the galaxy itself, astronomers expect the galaxy at the center of Abell 2261 to also contain a supermassive black hole that rivals the weight of some of the largest known black holes in the universe, ” says NASA. The mass of this missing black hole is estimated to be between 3 and 100 billion times that of the sun by scientists.

Where can this black hole have gone?

One of the hypotheses, put forward by astronomers, would be that the black hole was ejected from the center of its galaxy. This theory would be the result of a merger of two galaxies and the central black holes of each of them. The fusion of black holes produces gravitational waves and, in this case, it is possible that the emitted waves are stronger in one direction than another. This would have caused the « retreat » of the new black hole and it would have moved away from the center of the galaxy.Ad

For now, there is no evidence that this hypothesis reflects reality. For their part, astronomers have only worked on mergers of black holes less massive than this one. For scientists, this either does not exist or it absorbs matter so slowly that no signal can be detected.

Source:  Ouest-France and NASA

Coronavirus : What is Pfizer-BioNtech’s Covid-19 vaccine

Made in the USA for the US market, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine uses new messenger RNA technology. Developed since March, it has shown high efficiency rates. With 616 million doses ordered, it is the 5th most purchased Covid-19 vaccine in the world after those of AstraZeneca / Oxford, Novavax, Sanofi / GSK and Gamaleya.

What is the price ?

Europe will pay less for its vaccine than other countries because of its massive order. According to an indiscretion from the Reuters agency,  the EU would have paid € 15.50 per dose on the basis of an order for 300 million vaccines, or a global bill of 4.65 billion euros.

The United States pays $ 20 for the same dose of vaccine (the equivalent of € 16.40 at the current rate).

the vaccine does not make women infertile!

This fake news has its source in  a publication on the Health and Money News blog  relaying a petition addressed to the European Medicines Agency  and asking for the immediate suspension of all studies on the anti-SARS CoV 2 vaccine. A petition carried by the German doctor Wolfgang Wodarg, but also by Michael Yeadon, former researcher at Pfizer and quickly wrongly presented as head of research for the American giant.

This petition does exist. Wodarg and Yeadon list the uncertainties and potential dangers linked, according to them, to the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, including in particular the fact that the latter could harm the fertility of women. The Wodarg-Yeadon duo are known to have spread false information in the past. Last October, Yeadon explained in  a blog that « the pandemic is indeed over »  ; in March, Wodarg claimed in a video that the virus was no more dangerous than a seasonal flu …

Coronavirus. C’est quoi  le vaccin anti Covid-19 de Pfizer-BioNtech

Fabriqué aux États-Unis pour le marché américain, le vaccin Pfizer-BioNTech utilise la nouvelle technologie de l’ARN messager. Développé depuis mars, il a montré des taux d’efficacité élevés. Avec 616 millions de doses commandées, il s’agit du 5e vaccin contre le Covid-19 le plus acheté dans le monde après ceux d’AstraZeneca/Oxford, Novavax, Sanofi/GSK et de Gamaleya.

Quel est le prix ?

L’Europe paiera son vaccin moins cher que les autres pays, en raison de sa commande massive. Selon une indiscrétion de l’agence Reuters, l’UE aurait payé 15,50 € la dose sur la base d’une commande de 300 millions vaccins, soit une facture globale de 4,65 milliards d’euros.

Les États-Unis paient 20 dollars la même dose de vaccin (l’équivalent de 16,40 € au cours actuel).

le vaccin ne rend pas les femmes stériles !

Cette fake news prend sa source dans une publication sur le blog Health and Money News relayant une pétition adressée à l’Agence européenne du médicament et demandant la suspension immédiate de toutes les études sur le vaccin anti-SRAS CoV 2. Une pétition portée par le médecin allemand Wolfgang Wodarg, mais aussi par Michael Yeadon, ancien chercheur chez Pfizer et rapidement présenté à tort comme responsable de la recherche pour le géant américain.

Cette pétition existe bien. Wodarg et Yeadon y listent les incertitudes et dangers potentiels liés, selon eux, au vaccin de Pfizer/BioNTech dont notamment le fait que ce dernier pourrait nuire à la fertilité des femmes. Le duo Wodarg-Yeadon est connu pour avoir propagé de fausses informations dans le passé. En octobre dernier, Yeadon expliquait dans un blog que « la pandémie est effectivement terminée » ; en mars, Wodarg affirmait dans une vidéo que le virus n’était pas plus dangereux qu’une grippe saisonnière…


The future President of the United States raised his sleeve in front of television cameras to set an example.

President-elect of the United States Joe Biden, 78, received the first dose of a vaccine against Covid-19 on Monday live in front of television cameras.

The injection of the Pfizer vaccine, the first of two remedies already authorized in the United States, took place in a hospital in Newark, Delaware. Future U.S. First Lady Jill Biden also received the first dose of the vaccine on Monday, according to the transition team. »I’m ready, » said the Democratic leader, who wore a black mask, after pulling up the left sleeve of his sweater.

« There is nothing to worry about »

« I am doing this to show that people must be ready to be administered the vaccine when it is available, there is nothing to worry about », then said the future president, just after the injection. « Can’t wait to get the second dose! »

He thanked « the scientists and the people who made this possible » as well as « the frontline workers ». « Real heroes, » he said, while also paying tribute, once is not custom, to the outgoing administration of Donald Trump for his contribution in the development of vaccines, which began to to be administered last week across the country.

Joe Biden also warned that the first vaccinations were « just the beginning ». « It’s going to take time, » and « in the meantime, I don’t want to play the killjoy, but I hope people will listen to the experts, » he added, calling once again for wear a mask and practice physical distancing during the holiday season. »And if you don’t need to travel, don’t travel, » he hammered.

Slavery: More than 10 million African children deported to America between the 15th and 19th centuries

When Christopher Columbus discovered the New World on October 12, 1492 by landing in the Caribbean and after Amerigo Vespucci who was the first European to set foot on the American continent, European powers of that time such as England, the Spain, Portugal, France wanted to colonize and exploit this continent, millions of Africans were sold as slaves to go and work in the fields .

The causes of trade

The colonizers wanted manpower to strengthen the American Indians who were weak, But the real reason behind the « Ebony » trade and slavery was profit. This is why they wanted a large and resistant workforce to work in the fields of sugar cane, coffee, cotton, tobacco.

In addition there were slavers who favored slavery as the means of civilizing blacks.

The manufactured products were transported to Europe in what was called the triangular trade where the ships left Europe with objects of little value such as tobacco, fabrics, firearms and powder,… In exchange for black prisoners (ebony) and strong men women and children and were transported to America where they were sold as slaves.

Millions of slaves sold

401 years ago, the first black slaves landed the side of Virginia in the United States it was in August 1619, they were 30 among the 350 Venus of the Empire of Dongo in current Angola brought by white Lion A ship Englishman who had stolen part of the cargo from another Spanish ship (slave ship são João Baptista) according to the Hampton History Museum.

There are few historians who are concerned with estimating the number of African slaves transported to America, but the figure of 15 million is often cited in the best works like that of the kuczynski and that of the W.E.B Dubois, but that of 11 million cartin is often considered the bare minimum. The American census of 1860 counted 3,950,528 in the country, the 18th century was the most flourishing for the negroes, for 1 black taken in America one would count 40 for today. At the beginning of the 19th century more than half of African slaves were sent to Brazil.

The suppliers of slaves were European adventurers and African warrior leaders. The living conditions of a slave were really horrible, chained by the blow, feet and wrists in the dark and damp holds, the slaves ate two meager meals a day (rice, bread, ..) a lot of between them did not have the chance to cross the Atlantic, they die from insufficient food from diseases a fifth of the slaves died on the road.

Today the white man no longer needs to buy the black man because he has created a system where the slave sells himself to his master it can happen or the product has no value and throw away in the Mediterranean Sea.

Esclavagisme: Plus de 10 millions des enfants africains deportaient en Amérique entre le 15 et le 19e siècle

Lorsque Christophe Colomb a découvert le nouveau monde le 12 octobre 1492 en se débarquant dans les Caraïbes et après Amerigo Vespucci qui est le premier Européen a avoir mis le pied sur le continent américain, les puissances européennes de cette époque comme l’Angleterre, l’Espagne, le Portugal, la France ont voulu coloniser et exploiter cet continent des millions des africains ont été vendus comme esclaves pour aller travailler dans les champs.

Les causes du commerce

Les colonisateurs voulaient la main d’oeuvre pour renforcer les indiens d’Amérique qui étaient faibles, Mais la véritable raison qui a motivé le commerce du « Bois d’ébène » et l’esclavage était le profit. C’est pourquoi ils voulaient une main d’oeuvre nombreuse et résistante pour travailler dans les champs des cannes a sucre, des cafés, des cotons, des tabacs.

En plus il y avait des esclavagistes qui favorisaient l’esclavagisme comme le moyen de civiliser les noirs.

Les produits fabriqués étaient transportés en Europe dans ce qu’on a appelé le commerce triangulaire là où les navires quittaient l’Europe avec des objets de peu de valeur comme le tabac, les tissus les armes à feu et à poudre,… En échange contre les prisonniers noires (bois d’ébène) et les hommes forts les femmes et les enfants et on les transportaient en Amérique là où ils étaient vendus comme esclaves.

Des millions des esclaves vendus

Il ya 401 ans, les premiers esclaves noirs débarquaient le côté de la Virginie aux États-Unis c’était en Août 1619, c’étaient des trantene parmis les 350 Vénus de l’Empire de Dongo en Angola actuel amenés par white Lion Un navire anglais qui avait volé une partie de la cargaison d’un autre navire espagnol ( négrier são João Baptista) selon le musée d’histoire d’Hampton.

Il y a peu d’historiens qui c’est sont préoccupés d’estimer le nombre d’esclaves africains transportés en Amérique, mais le chiffre de 15 millions est souvent cité dans les meilleurs ouvrages comment celui du kuczynski et Celui du W.E.B Dubois, mais celui de 11 millions de cartin est souvent considéré comme le strict minimum. Le recensement Américain de 1860 a dénombre 3.950.528 dans le pays, le 18è siècle fut le plus florissant pour les nègres, pour 1 noir emporté en Amérique on compterait les 40 pour aujourd’hui. Au début du 19è siècle plus de la moitié des esclaves africains furent dirigés vers le Brésil.

Les fournisseurs des esclaves étaient des aventuriers européens et les chefs guerriers africains. Les conditions de vie d’un esclave étaient vraiment horrible, enchaîné par le coup, les pieds et les poignets dans les cales sombres et humides, les esclaves mangeaient deux maigres repas par jour (du riz,du pain,..) beaucoup d’entre eux n’ont pas eu la chance de traverser l’Atlantique, ils meurent par l’insuffisance de nourriture des maladies un cinquième des esclaves est mort sur la route.

Aujourd’hui l’homme blanc n’a plus besoin d’acheter l’homme noir car il a créé un système ou ‘ esclave se vend lui même auprès de son maître ça peut arriver ou le produit n’a pas de valeur et jeter dans la mer méditerranée.

Supreme Court sinks Donald Trump’s last hopes

The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the postal vote in Pennsylvania

In one concise sentence, the United States Supreme Court refused to interfere with the results of the American presidential election . On Tuesday, the highest US court dismissed an appeal by Republicans in Pennsylvania , who sought to block certification of results and reject more than 2 million mail ballots . Even if Donald Trump’s challenges are not over, his chances of overturning the verdict of the ballot box are now zero.

“The application for an injunction presented by Judge Alito and referred by him to the Court is dismissed,” wrote the Court, without further explanation. The opinion, in 19 words, and the absence of a dissenting opinion (« public dissent ») mean, however, that there was no real suspense, despite the presence of three judges appointed by Donald Trump out of nine.

Texas Remedies

In court, Donald Trump and his allies are in total 50 defeats for a single victory. On Tuesday, Texas went directly to the United States Supreme Court to file a complaint against four states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin), arguing that the changes they had adopted to facilitate postal voting were unconstitutional.

But according to many legal experts , Texas’ claim is no better off. Each state has in fact a great deal of latitude to organize the modalities of the ballot, and it is up to the local judicial systems to decide. If the Supreme Court refused to intervene for Pennsylvania, it should logically oppose the same objection to the Texas appeal, especially after the expiration of the « safe harbor » (the deadline for resolving all appeals) this Tuesday at midnight. Now, according to a 19th century law, states can no longer change the list of grand voters who will vote in the electoral college on December 14.

These serial setbacks, however, do not mean the end of Donald Trump’s efforts: Republican elected officials loyal to the US president announced their intention to challenge the validity of the large voters in several states during the vote in Congress on January 6. Minority in the House, however, they have no chance of success, and it is Joe Biden who will be sworn in on January 20.

China lit its artificial sun

China has activated its first nuclear fusion reactor called HL-2M tokamak, authorities said the country this Saturday, December 5. This innovation could help to produce clean energy without emission of gases greenhouse or no waste, reports Numerama . It is part of the international ITER project involving 35 countries.

A technology to improve

HL-2M tokamak is nicknamed « artificial sun ». The principle of fusion which animates is the same as that of the solar star. It is to transform hydrogen into helium. But temperatures far exceed those produced by the sun. This « artificial sun » can reach up to 200 million degrees against 15 million degrees at the heart of the  sun .

For now, scientists do not yet mastered the technology. Challenge maintain sustainable temperatures, the walls of the vat in which the fusion takes place can not resist.

Donald Trump will not attend the handover on January 20

Donald Trump adds more every day in the denial of his defeat to Joe Biden. He continues to claim that the victory was stolen from him. According to those around him, he might not participate in the handover in January.

He violates the American tradition

It is the tradition , even if nothing is written about it in the American Constitution: the outgoing President and the incoming President participate in the induction ceremony in January in Washington. The two presidents meet to « pass on the files » and the outgoing family leaves the White House the same day, while the family of the newly elected President takes possession of the premises after taking the oath.

This ceremony, watched by millions of spectators in Washington, and by millions of viewers around the world, always proceeds in good harmony, no matter how much enmity between the two men. But Donald Trump decided otherwise.  He would be thinking about not only not participating in the ceremony, but to organize a parallel event, in a way a counter-party.

Donald Trump does not plan to receive Joe Biden, or even to call him. As a reminder, the American tradition is that the unsuccessful candidate for an election calls the winner as soon as the results are confirmed, in order to recognize his defeat. Donald Trump of course did not.  

He is preparing for the 2024 presidential election

Three people from his entourage and several media, starting with  The Daily Beast ,  Donald Trump would be in the middle of discussions to announce his candidacy in 2024  during this event organized on the day of the handover on January 20, all these sources have confirmed this information to the press, while affirming that he could announce his candidacy earlier.

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