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Small disappointment for the big winners of the events in Tokyo: their gold medal has very little of the yellow metal. But the current prices of gold and silver still give it a nice value.Publicity

So inevitably, they don’t train for years for that. But the Olympic medalists also leave with a beautiful object around their neck, made with noble materials.

With 339 finals in Tokyo this year, it is impossible to distribute medals worthy of their denomination: disappointment, the gold medals are therefore not gold.

However, we do find a little of the yellow metal: 6 grams to be precise, as provided for in the Olympic regulations, out of the 556 grams in total for the most beautiful of the medals, or 1.2% of the total mass. The rest is money. 6 grams of gold is not much, but at the current price of gold, it still represents around 300 euros.

The bronze? Rather copper

A safe haven par excellence, gold has seen its price increase for several years, with a strong acceleration during the onset of the financial crisis. The one kilogram ingot flirts today with 50,000 euros against less than 35,000 euros at the last Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

Less impressive, the price of silver also climbed in favor of the crisis to reach 665 euros per kilogram. A gold medal « is therefore » worth approximately 660 euros (gold plus silver) against 360 euros for a silver medal (only in silver) and… 3.5 euros for a bronze medal, composed mainly of copper.

Source BFMTV

Par Jules Bercy

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