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What will be the best places to live if society collapses?

A study by the scientific journal Sustainability lists the best places to settle in the event of economic or climate collapse. A list that gives pride of place to several islands such as Iceland or Tasmania.

According to the authors of this study published on July 21, 2021 in the scientific journal Sustainability , a collapse of our societies could be illustrated in different ways in the years to come:

“Since its inception, human civilization has experienced a continuous trajectory of increasing socio-political complexity, a trend which has accelerated dramatically recently. This phenomenon has resulted in increasingly serious disturbances of the Earth system, which have recently manifested themselves in planetary effects such as climate change . These effects create an increased risk of a global collapse event, « said the researchers behind the survey.

These alarmist predictions sadly recall the report of the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – which revealed last week that two regions of the globe have now become almost uninhabitable for humans . Worrisome data, published a few days before Overshoot Day , which occurred this year on Thursday July 29, the date from which we have exhausted all of the resources that the planet is capable of generating in a year.

Countries better prepared for environmental change

To carry out this study, the journal Sustainability drew on research results from the American University of Notre Dame-Global Adaptation Index , which in 2015 assessed and ranked countries in terms of vulnerability and preparedness to climate change to to come.

Several criteria were taken into account such as:

  • the ability to produce food for the population;
  • the ability to maintain an electricity grid;
  • overall production capacity.

Islands with a temperate climate and sparsely populated

The best-suited places in the world to survive a possible societal collapse according to the Sustainability report are:

Results that can be explained in particular by fertile agricultural land, low energy consumption, temperate climates and low population density.

« These places which have not suffered the most glaring effects of previous societal collapses are described as ‘lifesavers’ for human populations in the event of collapse, in particular thanks to the persistence of agriculture » , concludes l ‘study.

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2 réponses sur « What will be the best places to live if society collapses? »

Yes, New Zealand heads the list for sustainability. It has two major islands — the North Island and the South Island — and should one get taken out, the other will likely survive. Auckland, the major city, is in the north. A depopulation of N.Z. would still preserve the lesser enclaves like Christchurch or Wellington. New Zealand could experience a population crash and still support an overall population of about 500,000. That’s enough to seed a new world civilization. Here’s my article at my blog on world civilization crashes:

World civilization at its most resilient

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