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Median wealth: who are really the richest in the world?

Which country has the highest median wealth? 

Like the median wage which separates a population into two halves with the same number of people: one earning less and the other earning more, median wealth follows the same principle. CEOWORLD magazine had fun ranking the countries in this way to find out in which countries the wealth was best shared. Not to be confused with average wealth, the criterion most often analyzed by experts and from which the Swiss often emerge the winners . But not this time. 

With a median wealth per adult of $ 238,070 , Australians are the richest people on the planet. Clearly, 50% of Australians have wealth greater than $250,000 , 50% have wealth below this threshold. Surprising Belgians follow in second place with a median wealth of 230,550 dollars (193,000 euros).

Behind Australia and Belgium, Hong Kong collects the bronze medal (145,000 euros). The United States, the world’s leading power, does not even appear in the top 20 because of the abysmal wealth gap between the inhabitants. 

1st – Australia / $ 238,070

2nd – Belgium / $ 230,550

3rd – Hong Kong / $ 173,770

4th – New Zealand / $ 171,620

5th – Denmark / 165,620 dollars

6th – Switzerland / 146,730 dollars

7th – Netherlands / $ 136,110

8th – France / $ 133,560

9th – United Kingdom / $ 131,520

10th- Canada / $125,690

source: Yahoo

Par Jules Bercy

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I think France and the United Kingdom are on this list because of their policies they are all capitalized like the United States but they sometimes try to mix up capitalism and socialism for example in the United States to get health care. is difficult but in these two countries they help their populations

So Thank you Ben repos Gites

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