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Covid-19: Faced with the controversy, Boris Johnson is in solitary confinement

The head of the British government was finally forced to isolate himself after the positive test of his Minister of Health, Sajid Javid. A situation which adds to the confusion and concern on the eve of the total lifting of restrictions linked to the pandemic in England.

Twist in the United Kingdom: Boris Johnson will finally go into solitary confinement. Like his Minister of Finance, Rishi Sunak, the head of the British government was declared a contact case on Saturday after the positive test of the Minister of Health, Sajid Javid. 

At first, the Prime Minister had however refused complete isolation. Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak « will participate in a pilot program of daily screenings » which « will allow them to continue working » normally, was quickly justified Downing Street. However, far from convincing, this announcement has aroused real indignation in the country, the opposition denouncing a government « above the law » . 

Johnson under pressure

Faced with popular pressure, the executive finally backpedaled. Thus, Boris Johnson will settle, for several days, in Checkers, the country residence of the heads of government, in north-west London. During this time, he « will continue to hold meetings with ministers from a distance » . Labor Party leader Keir Starmer nevertheless denounced a government in « chaos » , sending conflicting messages on the eve of the lifting of nearly all remaining restrictions in England, including the requirement to wear masks or social distancing. From Monday, teleworking will no longer be the norm in the country either.

Pressured by the scientific community and the expansion of the Delta variant, Boris Johnson, however, called for vigilance. « Please be careful and take the next step tomorrow (of this deconfinement) with all the caution and respect for others, and the risks that the disease continues to present » , pleaded Sunday the manager on social networks.

Par Jules Bercy

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