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Why These 8 Android Apps Are Dangerous For Your Bank Account

They are all infected with the Joker malware, which could then empty your bank accounts.

It is aptly named. The company Quick Heal Security Labs has revealed that eight applications present on Android are infected with the dreaded Joker malware. According to Presse-Citron , this virus is frequently hidden in apps with the aim of emptying your bank accounts. Google has already been notified of the problem and the infected tools have all been removed from the Android app store. Be careful, however, for people who have already installed them and would not have thought of removing them from their phone.

For users of Auxiliary Message, Fast Magic SMS, Free CamScanner, Super Message, Element Scanner, Go Messages, Travel Wallpapers and Super SMS, it is recommended that you remove these applications from your mobile phone as quickly and completely as possible , since they allow malware to install itself on your mobile system, visit websites, subscribe the victim to paid services or even intercept codes that could allow them to access your banking data.

The Joker malware has already claimed many victims among Play Store users and even managed to infiltrate the Huawei application store , the App Gallery last April , infecting more than 500,000 smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer, reminds 20Minutes . To avoid being confronted with this malware, it is therefore advisable to only download applications from well-known developers and publishers and to avoid those that have just been released on download stores and which offer offers that are too good to be. true.

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