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Wikileaks: Do the emails from John Podesta, former Obama and Clinton adviser, mention the existence of extraterrestrials?

John Podesta, former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton in New York in November 2016 
(Carlos Barria / Reuters)

Released by Wikileaks in October 2016, the emails from this Democrat, former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, show that he was simply passionate about extraterrestrial life.

Your question relates to an email released in October 2016 by Wikileaks , which was addressed to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager for the 2016 presidential election, also a former White House chief of staff to Bill Clinton and former adviser to President Obama. Victim of a phishing on his personal Gmail address, more than 20,000 emails received and sent have been revealed. The authenticity of these exchanges has not been contested. John Podesta accused Russia of being behind the hack and blamed Wikileaks for harming Hillary Clinton’s election campaign.

The email you send to us, dated March 5, 2015, is signed by Edgar D. Mitchell (deceased in 2016), posing as the « sixth man to walk on the moon » as the « Apollo astronaut 14 ” and as the “ Scientific Director and Founder of Quantrek ” . The sender’s e-mail address corresponds to that of Terri Mansfield, a relative of the astronaut, also director of a task force for peace with extraterrestrial intelligences.

Author of books on the subject

In this email addressed to John Podesta and his assistance Eryn Sepp, the former astronaut takes advantage of the fact « that [John Podesta no longer works] at the White House » to offer them « a one-to-one meeting to discuss zero point energy and Disclosure [of the existence of extraterrestrials] ” . He talks about his knowledge of aliens, which he said would be peaceful, since they « hovered nonviolently over Phoenix and other sites, waiting for help, as they hovered over them. could very easily have destroyed the city with their uses of consciousness ” .

Scrutinized by American journalistsduring the last month of the presidential campaign, emails from John Podesta do not demonstrate that there is extraterrestrial life as some internet users want to believe, but instead show that the Clinton and Obama advisor is passionate by the subject, exchanging readily with interlocutors convinced that extraterrestrial life is a reality. Indeed, John Podesta and his assistants had about thirty exchanges with astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, who even wanted to meet Barack Obama. Emails leaked by Wikileaks also show the same amount of posts with Tom Delonge, the former Blink-182 guitarist turned alien enthusiast, who has produced books and documentaries on the subject.

The interest of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in flying saucers, however, was not revealed by Wikileaks, since an investigation published by the Washington Postin April 2016 already returned to his obsession with Area 51 when he was advisor to Bill Clinton, and his requests under George Bush and Barack Obama to declassify government information regarding unidentified flying objects. The American daily also highlighted its statements on CNN, where it promised that Hillary Clinton,« If she is elected president, when she takes office, she will seek the declassification of as many documents as the United States federal government has, and I think that is a commitment that she intends to keep and which I intend to make him respect. « 

Par Jules Bercy

A writer a blogger passionate about science, history politics, the general knowledge of our planet and the Universe...

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