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Super League format unveiled

The Super League was officially inducted this Sunday, in the face of a huge outcry. Here is the format of this new competition.

It’s official since Sunday, the European Super League was born . Twelve clubs have decided to embark on the adventure, including Real Madrid, Juventus, FC Barcelona or Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United. We know a little more about the financial endowments , but also about the course of this competition which is already causing much ink to flow in the world of football .

The twelve founding members are still looking for three lasting partners to reach a total of fifteen. To these fifteen stables would be added five guests who change with the seasons and for whom the selection criteria are still unknown (prize list? Latest results on the continental scene? Prestige?). Two pools of 10 teams would thus form with round-trip matches in the form of a classic championship.

3 more tickets to take, 5 guests per season

The top three in each group would directly qualify for the quarter-finals. The fourth and fifth, they would play round-trip play-offs to get the last two tickets. From the quarters, we would find a system comparable to the final phase of the Champions League, with two-way oppositions.

The final would be played at the end of May, in a dry match, on neutral ground, at the end of a tournament which would start in August. The matches would be played on weekdays so that participants could continue to play their respective national championships. On paper, the project is clear. It remains to be seen whether, faced with the hostile reaction of authorities and football fans, it will come to an end.

Par Jules Bercy

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