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The future American president will travel faster than sound.

The start-up Exodus, which signed a contract with the US Air Force, could equip the presidency with a flamboyant supersonic plane in the 2030s.

The future American president will travel faster than sound. At Mach 1.8 precisely, or 2222 km / h. The US Air Force signed contracts last September with start-ups to develop supersonic transport planes for the US federal administration.Among them, the Californian start-up Exosonic which is one of those who will perhaps have the honor of flying the future American president. 

The concept of the supersonic jet impressed and received the front of the Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate which is in charge of the presidential fleet known as « Air Force One » (the term in fact refers to all the planes in which are the president).Since 1990, this presidential fleet has consisted of two refitted Boeing 747-200B aircraft. But by 2024, two new models (the most recent 747-8) are expected to come into operation. Perhaps these will be the last subsonic models in the fleet.

Because by 2030, the first supersonics could come into operation. CNN thus unveils the model of the start-up Exodus, which could transport the future president or vice-president of the United States in 10 years.

Supersonics without boom

It’s a rather small 31-passenger model that’s a derivative of the 70-seat commercial airliner developed by the start-up. It would be a « low-boom » supersonic, an aircraft in which travelers « fly at supersonic speeds without generating disturbing booms for those on the ground, » said a spokesperson for the Army Materiel Command. ‘air at .

« With this concept, we plan to implement new technologies that are not available today or that you do not see (yet) on commercial or business aircraft », explains to CNN Stephanie Chahan, in charge of interior design at Exosonic.

Courtesy Exosonic/CNN © Exosonic

The start-up thus offered CNN a virtual tour of the interior of the project which will be presented to the US Air Force.The main cabin has 20 business class seats and two galleys.
« The design of the cabin was inspired by the colors of the American executive power, its mission and its values, as well as by the peregrine falcon, known for its speed and both for its movement and for its beauty, » explains the designer. .

Courtesy Exosonic/CNN © Exosonic

The aircraft would also have two private suites including meeting rooms, secure videoconferencing room with rotating leather armchairs and light wood frame.

Courtesy Exosonic/CNN © Exosonic

According to its designer, the device would have a range of 5,000 nautical miles, or more than 9,200 km. Using noise attenuation technologies, it could fly over populated land at speeds greater than Mach 1.Other even more ambitious projects have received an investment from the US Air Force. like that of Hermeus Corporation based in Atlanta which is developing a hypersonic model (Mach 5) that would allow the American president to reach Europe in just 90 minutes. The start-up has already developed its engine, which it has successfully tested.

Source BFM

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