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A virus rages on Messenger: The advice to avoid falling into the trap

virus rages on Messenger

 A scam is currently in progress on Messenger. You risk having your personal data stolen. To avoid being fooled, follow The advice.

You may have already been the victim of the ongoing scam on Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging system. And you may have escaped it thanks to your vigilance. This scam, which has been rampant for several years, seems to have experienced a resurgence of interest in recent weeks.

The principle ? You receive a message from one of your contacts with the mention: « is that you in this video? » or « looks like you », along with a URL link you can click.

To avoid the trap, do not click on this link. Otherwise, you will be redirected to a malicious site that will ask you to enter your Facebook password to play the sent video. If you do, the message will be sent automatically to all your contacts. At the same time, the hackers behind this scam will have access to your Facebook account and can continue to send the same type of message to your contacts indefinitely.

What if you clicked?

If you clicked on the link, you can renew your password, advises the specialized site Numérama . To do this, on a PC, click on the arrow at the top right of the screen. In the drop-down menu, click on « settings and privacy » then « settings ». Then in the left column of the screen, choose « security and connection », « change your password » and « modify ».

How to strengthen the security of your account?

To strengthen the security of its users, Facebook has implemented a more secure two-factor authentication. The American giant asks you to enter your password and at the same time sends you a code on your phone which is renewed every thirty seconds. To activate this security option, you must go to the « security and connection » section of your Facebook account, mentioned above.

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