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The end of 7 wonders of the world

 Over the course of history, different human civilizations have built many monuments around the world. Each of these wonders of the world by its size, its technical genius, its artistic beauty, testifies to the power of their patrons. However, this golden age ended up collapsing, today there is only one of these 7 treasures. 

The statue of Zeus

It was built in the 5th century BC by the sculptor Phidias, In the 5th century AD the statue of Zeus was taken to Constantinople where it will be destroyed by fire in 461.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

 The existence of this wonder is far from being proven because the various archaeological excavations carried out on the site of Babylon in Iraq have so far not revealed their location. Built in the 4th century BC by Nebuchadnezzar 2 to remind his wife, Amytis of Media, of the wooded mountains of his native land.

It fell into the hands of Alexander during his conquest and after his death these hanging gardens are abandoned and disappear.

The temple of Artemis at Ephesus

 Built in Ionia (present-day Turkey) in the 5th century BC. The monument would have disappeared in an arson in – 356 before being rebuilt then the first Christians tore the temple of Artemis to pieces.

The Colossus of Rhode

The statue representing the god Helios is said to have been built on the Greek island of Rhodes in the 3rd century BC. Unfortunately an earthquake destroyed the Colossus of Rhodes 56 years after its completion.

The lighthouse of Alexandria      

 Its construction dates back to the 3rd century BC under General Ptolemy, to guide sailors at the level of the coasts of Alexandria. Located in a seismic zone, yet it will remain standing for 1500 years. It would have withstood 20 major earthquakes of magnitude 8 on the Richter scale. But in the 14th century two large earthquakes marked the end of this treasure.

The tomb of Mausolus at Halicarnassus

This monument was built in the 4th century, in honor of Mausole, the governor of caries a region of Asia Minor. The tomb fell into ruins from the 15th century and eventually fell into oblivion.

The pyramid of Cheops

The pyramid of Cheops is the only wonder to have managed to cross the centuries. It is also the oldest among the other 7 because it was built in the 3rd millennium BC. Today it is one of the most visited sites in the world.

Par Jules Bercy

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