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The legacy of the human species

Humans are not the center of the world. Lost in the depths of the cosmos, he shares a harmless planet with millions of other species, all unique and fascinating, on which he depends entirely for his well-being and for his survival. Dust in this immensity, the human being does not seem so exceptional.

And yet, by following his own path, humans have mastered the elements, repel predators, fought hunger and disease, to survive, to flourish and finally to conquer.

He invented Philosophy, art, science. He developed altruism, scale up the scope and volume of his communication, his exchanges and his reflection. He imposed values, a moral , an ethics.

Gradually, he also invented religion, commerce, politics… but also discrimination, hatred and torture. He developed consumerism, the destruction of lands and seas, the exploitation of other species, along with his own.

Man has achieved the feat of defiling the highest peaks in the world, and the deepest oceans, the interior of species, and the exterior of his planet.

Every minute, it gives birth to 250 babies, and produces 4000 tons of waste. Every day, it produces 240,000 cars and annihilates 400 living species. Each year, it leaves nearly 9 million children under the age of five to die, and destroys 13 million hectares of forest.

Man seems to favor the belief in knowledge, having knowledge over being, and the image of happiness over happiness itself. He thinks he is in control of everything, but does not control himself. It is the only species to have developed the capacity to destroy its own environment, without having developed the wisdom not to do so. Human, so precocious, is still immature, capable of both the best and the worst.

Will he reach the age of reason before he burns down his own house? This question is anything but insignificant?

Par Jules Bercy

A writer a blogger passionate about science, history politics, the general knowledge of our planet and the Universe...

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