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Could Man survive without the other Species?

could humans survive without other species?

As they tame technology, humans gain independence and break free from the grip of nature. However, could humans survive without other species? The water he drinks and the air he breathes are purified by all living species: biodiversity.

 This biodiversity also provides him with all of what he eats. But also many materials which constitute its world, or the active principles of the majority of these drugs.

Man has industrialized agriculture, but without pollinators his agricultural efforts would be in vain. It must be said that a bee can visit the trifle of a quarter of a million flowers in one season. And there are 50 trillion honey bees on earth. Agriculture also benefits from invertebrates and soil microorganisms that ensure its fertility. One gram of soil contains nearly a billion bacteria, divided into 10 to 100,000 different species, the vast majority of which are still unknown to humans. If we put the DNA of all these bacteria end to end, it would take us to the ends of the universe. A biodiversity of infinite richness.

Each species develops in permanent interaction with other species. That a species disappears, and the remaining links will help to compensate for this absence. That thousands of species disappear at the same time, and the web of living things will be greatly weakened, risking collapse.

Due to its biological nature, humanity remains entirely dependent on the living tissue of its planet, for which its presence as well as its disappearance, as a species are insignificant.

Par Jules Bercy

A writer a blogger passionate about science, history politics, the general knowledge of our planet and the Universe...

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