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Donald Trump will not attend the handover on January 20

Donald Trump adds more every day in the denial of his defeat to Joe Biden. He continues to claim that the victory was stolen from him. According to those around him, he might not participate in the handover in January.

He violates the American tradition

It is the tradition , even if nothing is written about it in the American Constitution: the outgoing President and the incoming President participate in the induction ceremony in January in Washington. The two presidents meet to « pass on the files » and the outgoing family leaves the White House the same day, while the family of the newly elected President takes possession of the premises after taking the oath.

This ceremony, watched by millions of spectators in Washington, and by millions of viewers around the world, always proceeds in good harmony, no matter how much enmity between the two men. But Donald Trump decided otherwise.  He would be thinking about not only not participating in the ceremony, but to organize a parallel event, in a way a counter-party.

Donald Trump does not plan to receive Joe Biden, or even to call him. As a reminder, the American tradition is that the unsuccessful candidate for an election calls the winner as soon as the results are confirmed, in order to recognize his defeat. Donald Trump of course did not.  

He is preparing for the 2024 presidential election

Three people from his entourage and several media, starting with  The Daily Beast ,  Donald Trump would be in the middle of discussions to announce his candidacy in 2024  during this event organized on the day of the handover on January 20, all these sources have confirmed this information to the press, while affirming that he could announce his candidacy earlier.

Par Jules Bercy

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