File photo of a tattoo of former Cuban President Fidel Castro is seen on Diego Maradona's leg
Maradona had a tattoo of the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro, whom he often referred to as his « second father, » on his leg

considered one of the greatest footballers of all time, but politics was also his passion. The late Fidel Castro considered him to be the cheguevara of football.

During the World Cup in 1986, in the quarter-finals when his country Argentina played a game against England, he scored a goal using his hand willingly (the hand of God) and afterwards he declared that he wanted to stand avenge Argentinian soldiers killed by the British army in the Falklands

He had relations with several leaders of Latin America, such as Fidel Castro of Cuba, Hugo Chávez of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro Moros and Evo Morales

 Coincidentally, the two men died on the same day, November 25, 2020 for Maradona and November 25, 2016 for Castro. He even said that he considered Castro to be his second dad, “Diego is a great friend and very noble too. There is no doubt that he is a great athlete and that he has maintained a friendship with Cuba without any material gain for himself, ”Castro once said.

Diego Maradona was also close to the late Hugo Chávez, in 2005 he traveled to Venezuela to visit him at the presidential palace, « Everything Fidel does, everything Chávez does, for me is the best [that could be done] ”, he said in 2007.

Recently, Maradona supported Evo Morales, when the latter left Bolivia following mass protests and pressure from the army chief last year. Maradona described the change of power as « a coup ».

After Maradona’s death, Nicolás Maduro, the current ruler of Venezuela, shared the video of Maradona and Castro.

The open criticism of the Vatican when John Paul II was Pope is one of its most famous stories, and of what Maradona saw as a lack of focus on the cause of the poor.

“I walked in and saw the golden ceiling. And I thought, how [he] can… live with a golden cap and then go to poor countries and kiss boys with stomachs like that. I stopped believing, because I saw, ”said after his visit to the Vatican.

He regained his confidence after many years when the Argentinian was appointed Pope, he met Pope Francis several times in the Vatican after being elected in 2013 as the first pontiff in Latin America.