A week after the announcement by several American media of the victory of Joe Baden and Donald Trump refuses to recognize his defeat. This Sunday Trump admitted that his Democratic opponent « had won » but « because the election was rigged ».

on Twitter, Donald Trump denounced the absence of « spectators or authorized observers » during the counting of the ballots, organized, according to him, by « a private company of the radical left of bad reputation with equipment which does not has not even been approved in Texas ”. A state that the American president considers to have « largely won ». https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1327979630477922304?s=20

During a speech from the White House on the advances of the vaccine against the Covid-19 and the management of the epidemic this Friday, the American president had declared:  »  I think that time will tell us which administration we will have, but what that happens in the future, who knows, I can tell you that this administration will not impose containment .