Nagorno-Karabakh: more than 2,300 Armenian soldiers killed

At first I thought it was the Hollywood film, but after seeing it on the newspaper Le Monde, and the statement of the spokesperson of the Armenian Ministry of Health, Alina Nikoghosian, of these figures on Facebook today I understood correctly that films of Vietnamese stories existed.

“At present, the bodies of 2,317 killed soldiers, including unidentified bodies, have been taken in by the forensic examination service,” the spokeswoman for the Armenian ministry said on Facebook. health, Alina Nikoghosian. According to her, the process of exchanging bodies with Azerbaijan has only just begun. « The belligerents do not have final figures for the moment, » she noted. The Armenian authorities had so far reported 1,339 soldiers and 50 civilians killed in the hostilities which began at the end of September.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, for his part, said on Friday that the fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh has left more than 4,000 victims and 8,000 injured, as well as tens of thousands of refugees.

Burnt houses

As a symbol of this humiliating setback, Armenians preferred to burn their house down rather than have it fall into the hands of Azerbaijani forces, on the eve of their expected arrival in certain areas. A journalist from Agence France-Presse saw residents set fire to their homes on Saturday morning in the village of Charektar, in the border area with Nagorno-Karabakh, which Azerbaijani troops are due to take control of on Sunday. The inhabitants took all the belongings they could before leaving. « It’s the last day, tomorrow the Azerbaijani soldiers will be there, » said a soldier before setting his house on fire.

“We were waiting to be fixed. But when they started to dismantle the hydroelectric station, we understood, ”says another inhabitant of the village. “Everyone is going to burn down their house today (…). We were given until midnight to leave. « 

Source: le monde

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      1. ça se passe tranquille, nous on arrive à travailler quand même, mais il faut redoubler de motivation et de génie !!
        Pour la France c’est grave, parce que notre économie est très fragilisée…
        Bonne soirée Jules, heureuse que tu ailles bien

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