Historic number of votes for Biden and Trump

The 2020 election, which saw Joe Biden’s victory, is one of all records for the United States: both in number of votes and in turnout.

The total vote count for the US presidential election was not yet finished, Monday, November 9, but in more ways than one, this ballot, won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden, is one of records. With a historically high turnout, the number of votes cast by the two candidates has never been higher. Even outgoing President Donald Trump in 2020 surpassed the record held in 2008 by Barack Obama, who won 69.5 million votes.

Joe Biden, gathered 75.6 million votes against 71.0 million for Republican Donald Trump. Of 239.2 million people eligible to vote, between 149.1 million and 165 million voted. That is to say a participation rate between 62.3% and 69%.

In the 2016 presidential election, the turnout was 59.2%. It was already the highest since 1960 and the election between John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Richard Nixon (with 62.8%). In US history, the 1908 election – which saw the election of Republican William Taft – had the highest turnout at 65.7%.

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