entrenched in the White House, Donald Trump fulminates

Since November 4, the US president has stood in front of his television, furious to see the slow count of votes go to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s speech  elicited no response from Donald Trump. For the moment. Because, as we know , the current tenant of the White House is fuming. For three days, he has remained in front of his television, furious to see the slow count of the votes go inevitably in favor of his rival Joe Biden, whom he despises at the bottom.

For this president who has long theorized that the world is divided between winners and losers, and who has always been terrified of appearing weak because he is not sure of himself,  this endless television show  appears like a cruel drip or slow death. 

Especially since his favorite channel, Fox News,  repeats to loyal Trump viewers that there is no evidence as of yet to support his fraud charges. 

Last square of faithful

The president is surrounded by the last square of faithful and his family . His adult sons are particularly nervous to the point of attacking by name on social networks cautious Republican elected officials who do not want to accuse Biden of theft. But for Trump, claiming that Biden cheated is a reassurance.

According to some indiscretions of relatives in the press, the president is like on an « emotional roller coaster ». A friend, a presenter on Fox News, encouraged him on her show that night to acknowledge his defeat with grace. 

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    1. Trump is really a strong man this incomprehensible that the 71,000,000 would have voted him in addition he continues to talk about the frauds in these elections we hope that he will accept that he lost so that the United States does not fall into the violence

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    1. Traduction de texte




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      moi aussi malgre tout il etait le presiden je n’ai pas aime la maniere dont il a gouverne son pays mais une chose que je compris ce que il faisait tout ca pour satsfaire les blancs mais pas tous les americains le fait de crititiquer les autres pays



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      me too despite everything he was the president I did not like the way he governed his country but one thing I understood that he was doing all this to satisfy the whites but not all the Americans the fact of criticizing the other countries but also the other peoples were factors that pushed me to return to Biden but despite everything we respect him for everything he has done during these 4 years


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