why we still do not know who will be the 46th president of the United States?

Nearly 72 hours after the polls close, Americans are still waiting to know the name of their 46th president.

When will the name of the  winner  of the US presidential election be known? Joe Biden  or  Donald Trump  ? The deadline is growing hour by hour while the final results of six states are still pending. These extended deadlines are mainly due to the lack of uniform counting rules in the United States: each state, or even county, can define its own methods for counting ballots. Between the explosion of postal voting and an extension of the deadline for receiving votes in some states, several thousand ballots remain to be processed, while the two candidates are neck and neck. 

In Pennsylvania, a surplus of ballots to count

Having been conducted for more than three days in this state, Biden went past Donald Trump with almost 6000 votes ahead, according to data released by  the AP  (English link) , Friday, November 6 at 8:50 am . The gap, however, remains too small to attribute to the Democratic candidate the 20 state voters, who would guarantee him victory. 

If the feedback  takes time , it is because according to the rules set in Pennsylvania, the processing of these early votes could not begin before November 3, unlike most other states. More than 2.5 million ballots were added, ten times more than in the previous presidential election. Despite several days of waiting, local officials indicate that the majority of votes will be well counted by November 6 at the end of the day. However, these results would not mean the end of the debates: in the event of a difference of less than 0.5 point between the two candidates, a recount will be automatically carried out within the following three weeks.

In Georgia, the specter of a recount

On the evening of November 3, Donald Trump had 372,407 votes ahead of Joe Biden, according to partial results. Ballots from urban areas like Atlanta, Augusta or Savannah, cities populated primarily by African Americans more inclined to vote for Joe Biden, were not counted at that time. This gap was expected to narrow. According to the latest figures from the Associated Press (AP) and the  New York Times , Friday, November 6, Joe Biden  passes  his opponent with a little more than 1,000 votes in advance, while more than 98% of the ballots have been stripped.

But the results announced at the end of this count will surely be very tight, with less than 0.5% difference between the two candidates. And with such a small difference, the law of the State of Georgia allows  request a recount  (link in English) , which would take again several days, with more than 5 million votes being treated.

In Arizona, a divergence in electoral analysis

There are still 250,000 votes to be counted in this western American state, mainly from Maricopa County, which has the most voters in Arizona. Additional results are expected to be released on Friday, November 6.

Other media, which call on the analysis company Edison Research to report the results, remain more cautious and do not tip  Arizona  in the Democratic camp. Friday November 6 at 12:30 am, the  New York Times  gave 47,000 votes in advance to Joe Biden on 90% of the ballots counted.

In Nevada, votes failed to reach electoral centers

The latest count released by AP gives Joe Biden 11,000 votes ahead, while 75% of the ballots were counted in the state. An official at the Clark County Electoral Center (which is home to the city of Las Vegas, among others) said new figures are expected to be released Friday, November 6.

Obtaining all 6 Nevada votes for Jeo Biden would allow him to reach the threshold of 270 voters. But many ballot papers have not yet reached the electoral centers: those for postal voting remain valid as long as they have been sent no later than November 3, postmark being taken as proof.

In North Carolina, the November 12 deadline

In this state on the east coast of the United States, Donald Trump leads by more than 76,000 votes on 95% of the ballots counted. But still more than 100,000 postal votes must be counted, according to the AP agency. A considerable number of ballots could be added to this total, as a vote sent on November 3 can be counted as long as it is received by local electoral services before November 12. It is impossible to know the final results in North Carolina before that date, when 15 major voters are at stake.

In Alaska, no winner before November 10

The color of the three big voters of Alaska will not be known for several days. The first results give Donald Trump nearly 30 points ahead of his opponent, but on half of the results stripped. The state will not release the results of the early voting until November 10, leaving too much uncertainty to declare a winner, despite Donald Trump’s large lead to date.

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