In Italy, a Labrador gives birth to … a green puppy

The phenomenon is rare but natural. While waiting to see the color fade, the puppy was named « Pistachio ».

A n original birth to say the least. On October 9, two farmers from Sardinia in Italy discover their female Labrador in full labor. One, two, three She ends up giving birth to five puppies. But surprise, one of them is … green!

« It looked like an extraterrestrial Italian). dog », tell the two men to the local newspaper Nuova Sardegna


Intrigued, the two farmers do research and discover that this phenomenon does exist. It is caused by biliverdin, a green substance in bile that can mix with amniotic fluid during childbirth. It’s rare, but natural and not isolated.

There were also some precedents. In 2012, a little green Labrador was born in England, just like in Spain in 2014. The color should fade over time. Until then, « Pistache » is doing wonderfully.

Publié par Jules bercy

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