Rihanna appears in Forbes list of richest women!

The annual ranking of the richest women, produced by Forbes magazine has just been published. And singer Rihanna is in it!

Each year, Forbes magazine establishes different rankings , highlighting the world’s greatest fortunes.

And guess what, Forbes just made their annual list of America’s Richest Self-Employed Women . And among them, we find several music superstars! Too cool, right?

Moreover, the singer Rihanna is in this ranking! Yes, the young woman is also a seasoned business woman .

But where does the singer figure? And what explains its place in the ranking ?

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!Rihanna appears in Forbes list of richest women!


Forbes magazine has just established its ranking of the richest self-employed women in the world .

And guess what: singer Rihanna is ranked 33rd in this ranking !

Indeed, the artist is one of the richest women in the world , with an estimated fortune of $ 600 million. Crazy, right?

And for good reason, in addition to her career as a singer, the young woman is also a great business woman. Yes, Rihanna has two successful brands: Fenty Beauty , her cosmetics brand; but also Savage x Fenty , her lingerie brand.

Thus, its line of cosmetics, Fenty Beauty , would have achieved more than 600 million dollars in sales in 2019 , while Savage x Fenty , managed to raise funds of nearly 50 million dollars, from investors. Impressive!

In addition, Rihanna also has her own charitable foundation, which has raised nearly $ 22.5 million for Covid-19 aid!

In short, the artist is just awesome .

We, in any case, we find that it deserves its place in the ranking!

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      1. A little bit because you have a big concert hall, when I was young, I saw Jamiroquai on tour !!
        I have an aunt in Paris, and she lives in Montparnasse quarter.
        The problem with Paris is that you need a lot of money if you want to have good time, specially for museums…

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        I hope you can one day come and become a teacher in France

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