The difference between a sea and an ocean

It is very difficult to tell the difference, whether we are talking about sea or ocean, the two are characterized as a vast expanse of salt water that covers part of the surface of the globe. To differentiate them, three criteria serve as a reference: extent, depth and location.

Big oceans

The oceans are very large expanses of salt water bordered by continents, for Europeans it is this that Christopher Columbus crossed. Until the discovery of the « great ocean » that Magellan traveled. He found it very calm and therefore called it « Pacific Ocean ». If we classify them by their importance in terms of volume and surface area, we can distinguish the Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctic, Indian and Arctic oceans. The amplitude of the tides is generally very important there.

And smaller seas

The seas, for their part, are less vast and generally shallower. They are always found inside a continent, while the ocean surrounds a continent. There are three types of seas:

1. Seas that are closed to the interior of the mainland like the Caspian Sea and the Dead Sea look like large salt lakes.

The Caspian Sea, an example of a closed sea within a continent

2. Seas which communicate by strait with an ocean or another sea such as the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea with the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean Sea is connected by the Strait of Gibraltar with the Atlantic Ocean

3.The seas open to an ocean or a sea having a larger extent such as the Sargasso Sea

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