The 5 deadliest animals for humans

A   female Anopheles , a  blood-sucking mosquito  that serves as a  vector  for  Plasmodium , a  parasite  that it carries in her saliva. It transmits  malaria , the first   deadly parasitic disease in the world.
AnimalNumber of human deaths per year

The  list of the deadliest animals for humans  in the world turns its neck to prejudices and popular beliefs due to the historical bad reputation that certain animal species ( sharks ,  snakes ,  bears ,  crocodiles ,  lions ,  piranhas ) suffer from while others kill people to defend their  territory  ( dogs ,  ostriches ,  hippos ,  hymenoptera ), by self-defense ( elephants ,  buffaloes ,  bison), by accident (collision between a car and large  mammals ) or by trophic behavior   ( parasites  developing at the expense of another organism), but have the usurped reputation of being less dangerous [ 1 ] . Thus, out of about 3,000 known mosquito species, less than a hundred, known as  anopheles , transmit  malaria  but were responsible, in the 1990s, from 400 to 900 million cases of fevers, and between 700,000 and 2.7 million deaths per year [ 2 ] . The  diseases these insects affect several hundred million people per year ( Aedes mosquitoes  , vectors of deadly infectious diseases such as  chikungunya ,  dengue ,  yellow fever , Zika virus infection , Culex mosquitoes   responsible for Japanese encephalitis  and  fever. West Nile ), disabling and killing especially the most vulnerable (children, pregnant women, the elderly), which makes these animals the most deadly for humans .

source: wikipedia

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