Two months ago, Ludacris dropped a bomb hinting that Fast and Furious 9 could go to conquer Space. Today, it is the actress Michelle Rodriguez who puts on a layer and also evokes an adventure in the stars.


Since the beginnings of the Fast and Furious saga in 2001, the directors have always gone out of their way and pushed the limits over the different episodes. The ninth part is in production and it seems that we will still have the right to anthology stunts. After always offering us more improbable and almost realistic situations, fans often joked by saying:  » when is the trip to Space? » A joke that seems to no longer be a joke today. 2 months ago it was Ludacris who lit the fuse by suggesting that Fast and Furious 9 will have a plot that will concern Space.The rapper / actor had only implied it, but during a recent interview Michelle Rodriguez in turn sold the wick. 

The actress who has played Letty since the first episode of the saga was the guest of American radio Sirius XM. The reporter asked her if she was going to join Ludacris in Space and she absolutely did not kick in touch. 

« Oh no! How do you know that guys? How did you see what was going to happen? People start talking backstage. When a movie doesn’t come out and you start to forget it, things Nobody was supposed to know that! I don’t have the chance to go to space, but we have a new writer who shed more light on the women in this movie. see the result.  » 

Letty is not going to take over the stars, but Dominic Toretto, the character played by Vin Diesel, should be. For the moment, we do not know exactly how they will reach Space, but we can dream of an Elon Musk car launch with his Tesla . 

Fast and Furious 9 was originally slated for spring 2021, but the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed back filming. For the moment FF9 is still announced for early 2021, but the date will most certainly change. 

Publié par Jules Bercy

web builider and specialist in communication

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