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Elon Musk says the first Mars settlers are likely to die

One day, humans will colonize the planet Mars… The private space company SpaceX is actively working to make this sweet dream a reality very soon. Elon Musk warns, however, that the conquest of the red planet will not come without sacrifices … and many deaths.

At the “Human to Mars” conference held online on August 31, the eccentric billionaire was very frank: colonizing Mars is perfectly possible, but it won’t be easy. Above all, you shouldn’t expect everything to go well from the start.

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Elon Musk has indeed predicted that there is little chance that all the first settlers will survive.

Sensitive hearts refrain

For Elon Musk, it is not the trip to Mars that is the problem, but rather the implantation on the planet. As he explained during the virtual conference: “Getting to Mars, I think, is not the fundamental question. The fundamental question is to build a base, to build a city on Mars that is autonomous. […] We are going to build a propulsion plant, a first base on Mars – Mars Base Alpha – and then bring it to the point where it is self-sufficient. « 

Musk then added that all of these steps were “a very hard and dangerous thing, difficult, not for the faint of heart. «  True to himself, the billionaire did not mince words about what could happen to vulnerable people who would like to be part of the adventure. « [There’s] a good chance you’ll die, it’s going to be tough, but it’ll be pretty glorious if it works. » « 

The Starship project is progressing well

While some may not be very keen on moving to Mars anymore, Elon Musk gave news of SpaceX’s Starship project that will take the first settlers to the Red Planet. And the news is good: Musk said great progress has been made, although there is still a long way to go before we can send people to Mars.

“We are making good progress. What is really holding back progress on Starship is the production system… A year ago there was nothing and now we have a lot of production capacity. […] We have to make it work first, automatically deliver satellites and do hundreds of missions with satellites before we put people on board. « 

Elon Musk has remained elusive regarding the first launch (followed by orbital reentry) of the spacecraft that will transport the first settlers to their new planet. He simply indicated that it would probably be for next year… provided that all goes well!

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