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The bomb, Lionel Messi and Barça, it’s over

Earthquake in Spain, and particularly in Catalonia, Lionel Messi has communicated to FC Barcelona his intention to leave the club this summer.

Tired of the repeated failures of his team, the decisions of the management and in particular President Bartomeu and convinced that the cycle he was carrying at arm’s length has come to an end,  the Argentinian sent a fax to its president to clearly announce that he was asking to be released from his last year of contract, as provided for in the agreement renewed each year so far between the man with the six Ballons d’Or and FC Barcelona. In principle, this clause can only be activated until June, at the end of the season. But with the health crisis, if the deadline is officially exceeded, Lionel Messi hopes that he will be let go without a hitch because of everything he has brought to FC Barcelona. Not sure that the taste of Barcelona leaders, who certainly play their last card with the socios, disgusted by the possible departure of their idol.

Last Friday, discussions with Ronald Koeman did not allow him to change his mind, and the will of the future coach to separate from Luis Suarez this summer, would have convinced him that it was time to take off again . A real thunderclap in any case in a club that had lived for 15 years under the influence of La Pulga, who led his club on the roof of the world four times. It remains to be seen where Lionel Messi can pursue his career. Regularly, the names of Inter Milan, PSG and Manchester City have been mentioned. Recently, American clubs have inquired, while Manchester United has made a big push to convince him. Now, the hunt is on to recover the 33-year-old Argentinian.

Par Jules Bercy

A writer a blogger passionate about science, history politics, the general knowledge of our planet and the Universe...

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