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— Oscar Wilde.

Cet article est le tout premier que je publie sur mon nouveau blog. Je viens juste de lui donner vie, restez à l’affût pour la suite. Abonnez-vous ci-après pour rester informé des mises à jour.

Investiture of Joe Biden: imminent departure of the White House for Donald Trump

INVESTITURE – D-Day for Joe Biden: the new American president is sworn in this Wednesday, January 20 at noon local time . Donald Trump, whose departure is imminent, has granted his presidential pardon to 73 people before leaving the White House. 


The future ex-tenant of the Oval Office has already packed his bags and will leave the White House at 8 am aboard the presidential helicopter. Head to Andrews Air Force Base, where a military ceremony awaits him. Donald Trump will then travel for the last time aboard Air Force 1. He is due to land in Florida  when the new president-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in at the foot of the Capitol. The Republican billionaire will return to his residence in Mar-a-Lago, where a moving truck was seen last Monday.

On Biden’s inauguration day, Trump would still like to take advantage of Air Force One

On January 20, an hour before Joe Biden’s inauguration, Donald Trump is due to fly to Florida aboard the presidential plane.

Illustrative photo of Donald Trump boarding Air Force One in Florida on December 31, 2020. 

UNITED STATES – Until the end, he intends to take advantage of the advantages of the presidency. Donald Trump, who will not attend Joe Biden’s nomination on Wednesday, January 20, is expected to use presidential Air Force One an hour before his successor’s swearing-in to fly to Florida. 

According to CBS , Donald Trump is expected to land in West Palm Beach, Florida at 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, an hour before he is officially President of the United States. 

The Bloomberg site also mentions a final departure ceremony at 8 a.m. on the Andrews military base in Maryland, where the two planes used by the presidency are stationed. Invitations were reportedly sent to a few « supporters, including former members of his administration, » Bloomberg reports. No details on the content of this ceremony have filtered.

Traditionally, former presidents leave the White House on their own. 

The White House has not confirmed the information, which does not appear in the schedule – laconic for more than a week – of the Republican. On condition of anonymity, an official source told CBS that “this could always change”.  

At 12 noon (Washington time), Donald Trump will be officially stripped of his title of “commander-in-chief of the armies” and will therefore no longer have access to the presidential planes.

Trump, the great absentee of the last few days

Officially a resident of Florida, Donald Trump will undoubtedly spend a few days in his hotel in Mar-a-Lago. The roads leading to the establishment will also be closed on January 20 and for several days. “Beyond that, we do not envisage any closures linked to the presence of a former president,” said local police.

and then? Difficult to say, since the speeches of Donald Trump – deprived of his favorite communication platforms – have become extremely rare. But the idea of a candidacy in 2024 is gaining ground – on condition, however, that the second impeachment procedure launched against him ends in failure. 

Meanwhile, in a White House that is gradually emptying, Vice President Mike Pence appears every day a little more like the man in charge.

On Thursday, he congratulated the future vice-president Kamala Harris by phone, a source familiar with the matter told AFP on Friday. It was their first exchange since their fall debate in the heart of the campaign. He also planned to participate in the inauguration ceremony, like former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. 

Source: HuffPost with AFP

Elon Musk is already no longer the richest man in the world

Elon Musk is already no longer the richest man in the world

Tesla boss is ironed behind Jeff Bezos, but it might not last

Last weekend, Elon Musk touched the stars by becoming the richest man in the world  with a fortune then estimated at 188.5 billion dollars. But here he is already back on the second step of the podium while Tesla’s stock price dropped slightly on Monday. An 8% drop in value which saw the entrepreneur’s portfolio shrink by $ 13.5 billion.

Therefore, Jeff Bezos  recovered his first place. However, the gap between the boss of Amazon, dethroned for the first time since 2017, and Elon Musk is slim. Indeed, Jeff Bezos exceeds his main competitor by only a trifle of $ 6 billion while the shares of the e-commerce giant also experienced a slight decline at the start of the week. In fact, the scales could tip again in the side of the boss of Tesla in a short time.

Tight podium

If Elon Musk saw his fortune explode in 2020 – an additional $ 150 billion since March according to Forbes , it is obviously thanks to the stock market success of Tesla and SpaceX.

The value of the self-driving car company has jumped 720% in the space of a year and is now worth more than Facebook . Stratospheric figures which recently led the board of directors of the firm to offer its founder a few million additional shares whose cumulative value exceeds $ 6 billion if we rely on last Monday’s prices. An operation which, if it has yet to be validated by the financial authorities, could allow Elon Musk to return to Jeff Bezos.

The Earth spun faster in 2020

The Earth spun faster in 2020, what does that imply?
The Earth spun faster in 2020, – © Nuttapoom Amornpashara – Getty Images

You didn’t realize it, but July 19, 2020 was perhaps the shortest day of your existence! On that date and on 27 other occasions last year, the Earth broke the daily rotational speed record it set in 2005.

Even Earth wanted 2020 to end ASAP. It turned faster in 2020 than since the start of the weather variation measurements, scientists say. It may take a leap second to get back to the exact time.

If it continues, this trend observed in 2020 could lead to removing one second from universal time, which would be a first. On a millennium scale, however, our planet is losing speed.

As reported in LiveScience , 28 days faster than the others (the fastest ever recorded by Earth since 1960) passed in 2020. Researchers were able to calculate that Earth revolved a few milliseconds faster.

Usually Earth is a great timekeeper, according to TimeandDate.com . It rotates once every 86,400 seconds, which is equivalent to 24 hours . Concretely, an average solar day.

WhatsApp gives in on its policy, fearing the exodus to Signal


The policy update has been postponed. A real admission of weakness.

Last week there was a massive exodus to Telegram and Signal for WhatsApp users. At issue: a new privacy policy chosen by Facebook, giving access to instant messaging data to the social network of the same name. Today, WhatsApp announces in a press release that the change will ultimately not take place.

The week had been difficult for WhatsApp which had decided, first of all, to play it transparent with press releases explaining its protection of privacy and encrypted messages. The strategy had not worked, and Signal continued to see its number of users grow , with a first position in the ranking of the most downloaded applications.

As an admission of weakness, WhatsApp resolved to say no: its new policy will not be implemented. Not yet, in any case. The controversial update may arrive in three months depending on the announced postponement. We know there has been confusion and misinformation about this update, and we want to help everyone understand our principles and the facts,” his team said.

Give up, rather than procrastinate

The update affected all WhatsApp users. Each country where messaging is present is affected, and some of them have reacted strongly. This is the case with Turkey. The country’s competition authority has opened an investigation into Facebook and WhatsApp and is asking companies to stop this information-sharing effort altogether.

Giving up its implementation rather than just procrastinating, Facebook could be led to make the decision quickly. The current suspicions of monopoly conduct of GAFA could motivate him even more. The wave of departure of users looking for alternatives to WhatsApp like Signal is not to be overlooked either.

For the next few months, a lot of confusion will remain. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was originally scheduled to go into effect on February 8. It will therefore be on May 15, if Facebook does not take other measures by then.

Signal or whatsApp, what’s the difference?

Signal, the privacy-friendly messaging app, is emerging as WhatsApp’s main competitor. Downloads for this app rose 4,200% this week  after WhatsApp announced that its users should start giving certain data to its parent company, Facebook .

Here is a list of the main differences between the two encrypted messaging platforms to help you decide which one you will use.

Who owns WhatsApp?

In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook bought WhatsApp, co-founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, for $ 22 billion.

In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook bought WhatsApp, co-founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, for $ 22 billion. During the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the social network admitted that 87 million people could have accessed the data. WhatsApp’s own co-founders then turned their backs on the company.

Who owns Signal?

Brian Acton has injected $ 50 million of his capital into his rival app(Signal).

Signal is managed by the nonprofit Signal Foundation. Brian Acton and Moxie Marlinspike, CEO of Signal, co-founded this structure in February 2018. According to the Signal Foundation website, Brian Acton left Whatsapp after the acquisition of Facebook “due to differences in the use of customer data and targeted advertising ”. Management donated $ 50 million to start the Signal Foundation, and now sits on the organization’s board of directors.

Meredith Whittaker is the third member of the Signal Foundation board. She was a former Google engineer who helped organize the company and now defends the interests of workers in the tech industry.

How secure is WhatsApp?

Facebook cannot access chats due to end-to-end encryption, but the company can resell its users ‘data.Facebook has access to WhatsApp users’ phone numbers, IP addresses, mobile network, duration use of the application, payment data of its users, cookies and location data, Some users had chosen not to allow Facebook to access their personal data as of 2016.

But WhatsApp said if all users did not agree to share information by February 8, they would lose access to the app.

How secure is Signal ?

Signal indicates that it is not getting messages, groups, contacts, or profile information from its users. The only two pieces of information Signal collects are how long Signal was installed and when it was last installed. The company also opens the sources for all of its software, which means web users can see how the technician designed the software. application.

Signal has been recommended by many security experts, including Edward Snowden, Vice reporters, and The Intercept have also recommended using Signal over WhatsApp to ensure your messages stay private.

However, the application is not perfect. Security experts have warned of a new feature that allows users to recover data using a PIN code, which could potentially infringe on privacy. “The problem with this is that most people choose weak PINs.

Is WhatsApp easy to use?

WhatsApp appeals to more than two billion users with its ease of use and intuitiveness.The application is available on iOS and Android devices, and automatically synchronizes your phone contacts list, since users are identified by their mobile number . Users can form chat groups, make voice and video calls, and make free international calls using Wi-Fi. They can also share their location, documents, and files with others. WhatsApp also allows adding a PIN to set up two-step verification before accessing the app, and WhatsappInsider also reported on tips that WhatsApp users can add to improve its usage.

Is Signal easy to use?

Signal has fewer customizable features than WhatsApp. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Mac and PC. Users can send each other photos, videos, links and other files. As with WhatsApp, they can also remove messages and photos whenever they want. Internet users can initiate audio and video calls, and form groups of up to 150 people.

The beta version of Signal, however, has more to offer users than the standard app. It allows you to create chat rooms, designate administrators and send invitations for your group.

Original versions:  Allana Akhtar / Business Insider

Signal ou whatsApp, quelle est la différence ?

Signal, l’application de messagerie respectant la vie privée, est en train d’émerger comme principal concurrent de WhatsApp. Les téléchargements de cette application ont augmenté de 4200% cette semaine après que WhatsApp a annoncé que ses utilisateurs devraient commencer à donner certaines données à sa société mère, Facebook.

Voici une liste des principales différences entre les deux plateformes de messagerie cryptée pour vous aider à choisir celle que vous utiliserez.

Qui est propriétaire de WhatsApp ?

En 2014, Facebook de Mark Zuckerberg a acheté WhatsApp, co-fondée par Brian Acton et Jan Koum, pour 22 milliards de dollars.

En 2014, Facebook de Mark Zuckerberg a acheté WhatsApp, co-fondée par Brian Acton et Jan Koum, pour 22 milliards de dollars.Lors du scandale de Cambridge Analytica, le réseau social avait admis que 87 millions de personnes auraient pu avoir accès aux données de ses utilisateurs.Les propres co-fondateurs de Whatsapp ont ensuite tourné le dos à l’entreprise .

Qui est propriétaire de Signal ?

Brian Acton a injecté 50 millions de dollars de son capital dans son application rivale(Signal).

Signal est géré par l’organisation à but non lucratif Signal Foundation. Brian Acton et Moxie Marlinspike, PDG de Signal, ont co-fondé cette structure en février 2018. Selon le site web de la Signal Foundation, Brian Acton a quitté Whatsapp après l’acquisition de Facebook « en raison de différences concernant l’utilisation des données clients et de la publicité ciblée ». La direction a donné 50 millions de dollars pour lancer la Signal Foundation, et siège désormais au conseil d’administration de l’organisation.

Meredith Whittaker est le troisième membre du conseil d’administration de la Signal Foundation. C’est une ancienne ingénieure de Google qui a contribué à syndicaliser l’entreprise et défend maintenant les intérêts des travailleurs du secteur technologique.

Quel est le degré de sécurité de WhatsApp ?

Facebook ne peut pas accéder aux chats en raison du cryptage de bout en bout, mais la société peut revendre les données de ses utilisateurs.Facebook a accès aux numéros de téléphone des utilisateurs de WhatsApp, aux adresses IP, au réseau mobile, à la durée d’utilisation de l’application, aux données de paiement de ses utilisateurs, aux cookies et aux données de localisation, Certains utilisateurs avaient choisi de ne pas autoriser Facebook à accéder à leurs données personnelles dès 2016.

Mais WhatsApp a déclaré que si tous les utilisateurs n’acceptaient pas de partager des informations d’ici le 8 février, ils perdraient l’accès à l’application.

Quel est le degré de sécurité de Signal ?

Signal indique qu’elle n’obtient pas les messages, groupes, contacts ou informations de profil de ses utilisateurs. Les deux seules informations que Signal collecte sont la durée d’installation de Signal et la date de sa dernière installation.L’entreprise ouvre également les sources de tous ses logiciels, ce qui signifie que les internautes peuvent voir comment le technicien a conçu l’application.

Signal a été recommandé par de nombreux experts en sécurité, dont Edward Snowden, les journalistes de Vice et The Intercept ont aussi conseillé d’utiliser Signal plutôt que WhatsApp pour garantir que vos messages restent privés.

Cependant, l’application n’est pas parfaite. Les experts en sécurité ont mis en garde contre une nouvelle fonctionnalité permettant aux utilisateurs de récupérer des données à l’aide d’un code PIN, qui pourrait porter atteinte à la vie privée. « Le problème avec cela est que la plupart des gens choisissent des codes PIN faibles.

WhatsApp est-elle facile à utiliser?

WhatsApp séduit plus de deux milliards d’utilisateurs par sa facilité d’utilisation et son intuitivité.L’application est disponible sur les appareils iOS et Android, et synchronise automatiquement votre liste de contacts téléphoniques, puisque les utilisateurs sont identifiés par leur numéro de portable. Les utilisateurs peuvent former des groupes de discussion, passer des appels vocaux et vidéo, et passer des appels internationaux gratuits en utilisant le Wi-Fi. Ils peuvent aussi partager leur emplacement, leurs documents et leurs fichiers avec d’autres personnes. WhatsApp permet également d’ajouter un code PIN pour mettre en place une vérification en deux étapes avant d’accéder à l’application.WhatsappInsider a également fait état d’astuces que les utilisateurs de WhatsApp peuvent ajouter pour améliorer son utilisation. Les utilisateurs peuvent marquer les messages comme non lus et épingler les messages importants sur le chat, des fonctionnalités qui ne sont pas disponibles sur Signal.

Signal est-elle facile à utiliser?

Signal a moins de fonctionnalités personnalisables que WhatsApp. L’application est disponible sur iOS, Android et sur Mac et PC. Les utilisateurs peuvent s’envoyer des photos, des vidéos, des liens et d’autres fichiers. Comme pour WhatsApp, ils peuvent aussi retirer des messages et des photos quand ils le souhaitent.Les internautes peuvent lancer des appels audios et vidéos, et former des groupes de 150 personnes maximum.

La version bêta de Signal, cependant, a plus à offrir aux utilisateurs que l’application standard. Elle permet de créer des salons de discussion, désigner des administrateurs et envoyer des invitations pour votre groupe.

Versions originale : Allana Akhtar/Business Insider

How to quit WhatsApp and migrate to Signal?

Many WhatsApp users are currently abandoning the messaging app and migrating to Signal, a more secure and privacy-friendly solution. We explain how to switch easily from one mailbox to another. null

whatsapp signal migrate

In early January 2021, WhatsApp updated the terms of service for the instant messaging app. Concretely, WhatsApp will now share all your personal data automatically with Facebook , its parent company. In 2014, the Californian social network had indeed bought the messaging application for the sum of 16 billion dollars . Among the data that will be collected by Facebook, we find in particular “ the time, frequency and duration of your activities and interactions”, “your IP addresses and other data such as the geographic codes of telephone numbers and your general location (city and country) ” or“ your profile picture ”.If you refuse these new conditions, WhatsApp reserves the right to close your account as of February 8, 2021 .

However, European WhatsApp users are not in the same boat as Internet users from the rest of the world. In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  indeed prevents Facebook from dictating its conditions to users. “ It has been incorrectly reported that the latest Terms of Service and privacy policy require users in the Europe region to agree to sharing data with Facebook for advertising purposes if they want to continue using the service”says Niamh Sweeney, WhatsApp privacy manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, on his Twitter account. Despite everything, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, intends to strengthen the links between all the applications of the group. The CEO does not hide his intention to merge the messaging services of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger .null

Why do WhatsApp users switch to Signal?

Regardless, the changes made by WhatsApp have generated a veritable exodus of users to Signal , a messaging app known to protect the privacy of its members. As of January 7, Signal recorded an explosion of registration requests . A few days later, Signal established itself as the most downloaded app on Android and iOS around the world . Tesla CEO Elon Musk even recommended internet users migrate to Signal.

Like WhatsApp, Signal lets you exchange messages, photos, videos, or make audio and video calls with your contacts. But unlike the messaging app bought by Facebook, Signal is regularly praised for its respect for the privacy of its users . In 2020, the Mozilla Foundation named Signal “the most secure communication application” . Under these conditions, it should come as no surprise that many Internet users now prefer Signal to WhatsApp. If this is also your case, we explain how to migrate easily below.

How to install Signal?

Installation and registration on Signal only takes a few minutes. It only takes a few moments to be able to get in touch with relatives who have already joined the secure messaging application. We explain all the steps below:

  • Download Signal from the Play Store or the App Store
  • Accept to receive Signal notifications on your smartphone
  • Grant access to your contacts
  • Enter your phone number
  • Signal will send you a 6-digit code per message
  • Enter this code in the app
  • Set a PIN code as a password
  • Add the contacts proposed by Signal

How to quit WhatsApp?

As a second step, you will obviously have to give up and delete your account on WhatsApp. But before you permanently delete your account, you will be advised to import your WhatsApp group into Signal . For that, it is necessary that all the members of the group have already joined Signal. You will therefore first have to convince your relatives to migrate. Once it’s done, follow the manipulation below:

  • Open Signal
  • Tap the pen icon in the top right
  • Click on New group
  • Select group members
  • Give the group a name
  • Click on the group name at the top of the screen
  • Go to Group link
  • Check Group link
  • Copy the link offered by Signal and forward it to your WhatsApp group

Once your group members have found themselves on Signal, you can finally delete your WhatsApp account . Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the WhatsApp application on mobile and go to Settings , at the top right of the screen
  • Go to Account > Delete my account
  • Then follow the instructions on the screen to validate the deletion of your account.

Source: phonandroid

Gorillas at the San Diego Zoo test positive for coronavirus

Officials at the zoo’s Safari Park said several gorillas had tested positive for the virus and believed an asymptomatic staff member had infected the animals.

“Aside from a little congestion and cough, gorillas are fine,” said Lisa Peterson, executive director of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Several gorillas at San Diego Zoo Safari Park have tested positive for the coronavirus, becoming  what federal officials said  Monday were the first known apes in the country to be infected.

Zoo officials said on  Monday they believed the gorillas were infected by an asymptomatic staff member who followed safety recommendations, including wearing personal protective equipment near animals.

Vets are keeping a close watch on the troop, which is made up of eight western lowland gorillas. The infected animals are expected to make a full recovery, officials said.

Three animals show symptoms such as coughing, officials said. But since the gorillas live together in herds, « we have to assume, » the zoo said, « that all members of the family group have been exposed.

Zoo officials have learned that at least two gorillas have been infected with the coronavirus after they were seen « coughing and showing other mild symptoms, » Wednesday, the zoo said in the statement.

Tests by the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System on Friday showed the coronavirus to be present in the troop’s feces, the zoo said. Tests by the National Veterinary Services Laboratories, which provide testing for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, confirmed the troop as infected on Saturday, the zoo said.

source: NYtimes

Les gorilles du zoo de San Diego sont testées positives pour le coronavirus

Les responsables du Safari Park du zoo ont déclaré que plusieurs gorilles avaient été testés positifs pour le virus et qu’ils pensaient qu’un membre du personnel asymptomatique avait infecté les animaux.

«Mis à part un peu de congestion et de toux, les gorilles vont bien», a déclaré Lisa Peterson, directrice exécutive du San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Plusieurs gorilles du San Diego Zoo Safari Park ont ​​été testés positifs pour le coronavirus, devenant ce que les responsables fédéraux ont déclaré lundi être les premiers singes connus du pays à être infectés.

Les responsables du zoo ont déclaré lundi qu’ils pensaient que les gorilles avaient été infectés par un membre du personnel asymptomatique qui avait suivi les recommandations de sécurité, notamment le port d’un équipement de protection individuelle à proximité d’animaux.

Les vétérinaires surveillent de près la troupe, qui est composée de huit gorilles des plaines occidentales. Les animaux infectés devraient se rétablir complètement, ont déclaré des responsables.

Trois animaux présentent des symptômes tels que la toux, ont déclaré des responsables. Mais comme les gorilles vivent ensemble en troupes, «nous devons supposer», a déclaré le zoo, «que tous les membres du groupe familial ont été exposés.

Les responsables du zoo ont appris qu’au moins deux gorilles avaient été infectés par le coronavirus après avoir été observés mercredi « toussant et présentant d’autres symptômes bénins », a déclaré le zoo dans le communiqué.

Vendredi, des tests effectués par le California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System ont montré que le coronavirus était présent dans les matières fécales de la troupe, a déclaré le zoo. Samedi, des tests effectués par les laboratoires nationaux des services vétérinaires, qui fournissent des tests pour le département américain de l’Agriculture, ont confirmé que la troupe était infectée, a déclaré le zoo.

source: NYtimes

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